The currant bun appologises to prisoner abuse squadie

Help, i need some oxygen. 8O The sun have finally had the balls (or have been told to by lawyers) to appologise to a squaddie who's picture they printed in an article about the court0martial for prisoner abuse in iraq. The soldier in question is completely innocent and his picture was supplied by mistake from a "reliable source",,2-2005031103,00.html


Oh dearie, dearie me! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Let's hope Sgt Kenyon has a good lawyer and didn't agree to the Sun's apology, because they will be paying out big-time for negligently associating him with accusations of criminal conduct. 'Good faith' my arrse, lazy useless tossers on their picture desk. Ho ho ho!


Agent_Smith said:
supplied by mistake from a "reliable source"[/
That would be the usual RMP touts then....
and his picture was supplied by mistake from a "reliable source"
Possibly an old copy of the regimental mag which had a caption naming W Kenyon?

Maybe it just didnt occur to the Sun's "military experts" that the photographed Kenyon might just have been promoted in the intervening period?

'Fact-checking' at its most careless, and utterly thoughtless towards the troops who the currant bun claims to support. I hope he screws the b*stards.
Sue them Wayne, you know it makes sense :D
erm not to mention the damage this has done to the image of the british army. if the British army were a civilian company they could sue the sun for damages.

the sun sucks.

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