The curious Bruntingthorpe Victor Incident

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by pandaplodder, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. I did do a search for this on here and nothing came up, this happened earlier this year but has been featured around the world in more recent months.

    The Victor was meant to do a high speed taxi but things went a bit wrong. The pilot is an Ex RAF Victor vet who is 70
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I believe he was in the role of a technician (or working with one who was at the controls), who was under strict instructions to do a run down the runway and then stop. Apparently, he forgot himself, went to take off, and got landed.

    or something.
  3. I searched for Bruntingthorpe and also Victor as well as both together, if the search chucks up no trace then its impossible to check with the 100's of post on here.
  4. Oh no wonder you knew it was there as you had posted in that thread... doh
  5. No, what I did was think to myself "Hey, that's an aviation subject, I wonder if there'll be anything in the Aviation board."

    Lo, there it was, page two.
  6. Obviously didn't realise we had an aviation part of the forum, would have thought it would have been called AAC (not being airy fairy wouldn't visit that section anyway) so like I said if the search function is next to useless then don't blame the poster.

    Other forums when you start a topic have a keyword section so in this instance keywords: Bruntingthorpe, Victor, Bomber would have showed up in any subsequent search. As it is the only thing that does show up on the search function is this thread.