The cure for terrorism

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taffnp, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. They say we should learn from history.

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  2. what a loss to the military world
    , such a wonderfull man
  3. Good Work Black Jack Pershing, carry on!
  4. Don't think it works any more, I gather nutters can get a dispensation now so that being defiled with pig doesn't affect them as long as they die fighting the infidel.
  5. So what did the pigs do?

    Poor pigs being buried with terrorists and not going to pig heaven (Aldershot from what I've seen).
  6. Can you imagine the human rights cases :roll:

    Enough of my tax money goes towards paying legal aid as it is :evil:
  7. What about the RSPCA
  8. I suppose we could do them with rounds covered in pig's blood. But it does seem a little harsh.
  9. If only we could find another 'Black Jack'. We could hang him upside down over a slow fire and strike him with clubs like a pinata.

    Incidentally, not one single terrorist attack by a Muslim anywhere in the world for all that time? Not even in Palestine, for example? No?

    Well, generations of British soldiers will sleep more soundly, knowing their nightmares are just that.

    Septic twaddle.
  10. Didn;t Pershing refuse to allow British and French advisors to assist his tactics in WW1, thereby reinventing mass casualties-I believe he got a rather unflattering mention during Palin's programme on the last days of the War.
  11. Thats right, the guy was convinced that boys straight off the farm from Buttfcuk, Alabama knew as much as British or French units that'd been on the Western front for years, and had been through Ypres, Verdun The Somme etc.

    Turns out they didn't...
  12. wasn't the third Afghan war at that time
  13. The clerics have found new meaning in the Qur'an which they now state means they can do things like eat pork, drink, etc. If we could i think we need to get a couple of these clerics and put them into the MoD contracts section because they would work miracles for us with BaE, Westlands and so on :lol:
  14. He was also responsible for defining a Filipino terrorist as anyone who didn't like being ruled by Americans. Pacification by mass slaughter, not an exclusively US trait but still not an appealing one.

    And they still claim they were never an Imperial power.
  15. Muslims alwasy could eat pig if the Immam? cleric said it was OK.

    No human rights case if of the 50 . all 50 are slotted.