The Curchill Cup

Has anyone been watching this?

Does anyone know what the draw is?

I've been on the official web-site and there doesn't seem to be a table, fixtures, results pages, except by each city the games are being played in.

I'm not just bringing this up because Scotland A 8) beat England Saxons :x but once again a solid defence held up against a one dimensional attack. I know that this isn't the first choice England team for this comp because they're all going on tour to Oz because that first choice team is being rested. I think that's a very dodgy decision to make with a season to go before the RWC but that's an argument for a different thread.
Cheers shaka.

Sky now seem to have gotten a grip and have published what games they're showing and when.

In fact watching the England Saxons Canada game and I'm sure I've just heard the yank ref use the expression 'TJ' WTF :?

Is it too hard for him to remember 2 words.

And if he starts to throw around yellow dusters.... :lol:

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