The cult of man made climate change - lest we forget.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I am now 'Middle Aged'. I was charged a quite substantial sum for electricity and gas during the last 'extended' winter. Does anyone have access to the figures of OAPs who croaked this winter due to the 'eat or heat' economics the current crop of useless bastards have forced upon us??
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  2. It's becoming the new 'racism' to even hint the 'climate change' mob are simply lining their own pockets.
    For me its a manufactured industry for governments to pump more of our money into.
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  3. 20,000 if we believe The Express
    20,000 pensioners died from the cold last winter | UK | News | Daily Express
    Some more here.
    Campaign to reduce winter deaths | Campaign | Age UK
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  4. climate change,

    communism by stealth
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  5. As I have said before, We need to rely less on fossil fuels because they are sourced from the ME and Eastern Europe- not always the most stable parts of the world.
    If the Egyptians were to close the Suez Canal, for example, tankers would have to go around the Cape, at massive expense. It would completely **** up our supply.
    So yes, we need to use less of it etc. I would prefer the government just came out and said it in those terms rather than tell us porkies about MMGW etc.
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  6. ]And also be honest about the true cost of Wind/Subsidy Farms, especially when the cost of the Short Term Operational Reserve is factored in i.e to have 8Gw of standby diesel generators by 2020.

    The insanity of this is staggering and an absolute cash cow for anyone with the capacity to buy in diesel generators, plonk them somewhere doing nothing, be paid richly for the doing of nothing and if and when they kick in be paid vast sums for the juice they generate.

    "Around Britain, in similarly remote sites from Lincolnshire to Cardiff and a quarry in Somerset, entrepreneurs are hurrying to cash in. The incentives are huge and the risks risibly small.

    Even when the scheme began in 2010, an owner of just one 1MW generator, which would cost around £500,000, could expect to receive £30,000 to £45,000 a year. By 2020 that figure is expected to have more than trebled. Other significant beneficiaries of the scheme will be public institutions such as military bases and hospitals.

    Glasgow General Hospital, for example, has 20MW of generating capacity; but even an average-size hospital stands to make around £500,000 a year merely for agreeing to allow its generators to be used in emergencies.

    While this may sound like a heartening funding boost for vital public services, the money will in fact be just another type of indirect taxation which comes straight out of consumers’ pockets in the form of cripplingly expensive energy bills.

    In 2010, the scheme was already costing £205 million a year; by 2020 this is expected to rise to £945 million – a vast expense to prop up the illusion that renewables are a viable part of Britain’s ‘energy mix’."

    The dirty secret of Britain's power madness: Polluting diesel generators built in secret by foreign companies to kick in when there's no wind for turbines - and other insane but true eco-scandals | Mail Online
  7. If Global Warming/Climate Change/whatevertheycallitthisweek is as real as they like to tell us, why has there not been another summer like '76

    Or winter like '46-47, where temperatures in Writtle, Essex hit -20°C?

    After all, these are the extremes that the UK and Western Europe should have experienced by now if the doomsayers were not telling stinky porkies.......
  8. All the green taxes, waffle and arse wind, cash expended and bollocks expounded, will be quietly forgotten when the shortfall in generating capacity threatens to turn off the lights. The cocks will be burning rain-forests and unicorns to save their political hides.
  9. I was up at Dalby forest on Saturday and it was as hot there as when I was in Corfu the previous summer.
    And it must be a pain in the arse for ships having to manoeuvre round the vast fields of these things nowadays
  10. Already called out as tosh (no surprise there)

    The Spectator: How accurate is the Met Office? | Met Office News Blog
    ETA: My bold.

    Have some septic circumlocution.

    Translation ? "Best buy more diesel gennies than you actually need. Expect them to fail one in six starts"

    I think every PPI hospital has experienced failures of recently installed backup generators.

    Plum Island was a doozy for our American pals. All four failed and the world stood by for the escape of ebola and such like as pressurized seals failed. (before you say it not the type of seals Canadians hit with lumps of 4 X 2) Hilary Clinton, that astute politician, thought about it and concluded "This aint good". yer think Hil ?
  12. Corfu eh....the one renowned as being the greenest of all the Greek islands....mmmmmhhhhhh I wonder why that is........I've seen 21 degrees C in Greenland and no one there seemed surprised.....and those big f@ck off windmills wandering about all over the sea, well they don't build them in deep water, or in sea lanes, do they?
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  13. During Roman times Brit red wine was considered to be very good, this meant that the climate must have been almost Mediterranean. In the 11th century there was extreme conditions resulting in bad harvests for years and a tidal wave up the Thames. IMHO this is just another weather cycle.