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Eaten missionary's family head for Fiji

Reverend Baker was killed by a member of the Navatusila tribe (L)
The residents of a Fiji village are preparing to apologise to the family of a English Christian missionary who was eaten by tribes people 136 years ago.
Cows, fine mats and 30 sperm whales' teeth are to be presented to Thomas Baker's descendants in the traditional ceremony on Thursday.

The inhabitants of Navatusila on the island of Viti Levu believe their village has been suffering bad luck ever since the cannibalism incident, and hope saying sorry will help their fortunes.

There are various stories as to why Thomas Baker was killed and cooked by the people of Navatusila on 21 July, 1867. Some say that he tried to take a comb out of the village chief's hair, or a hat from his head, without realising that touching a chief's head in Fiji is forbidden.

We believe we must have been cursed, and we must apologise for what happened... When we have made the apology we will be clean again

Filimoni Nawawabalevu, chief of Navatusila

But others say that a wider power-struggle between different chiefs was to blame.

Thomas Baker's great-great-great-grandson, Dennis Russell, a miner from Brisbane, and 10 other family members plan to travel to Navatusila for the ceremony.

It will take them five hours by four-wheel drive to get there, and the final 3 or 4 kilometres of a makeshift road have reportedly only been bulldozed in the last few days.

According to the French news agency AFP, the ceremony will begin with a Christian church service and will be followed by an apology to the family of Thomas Baker, and also to the paramount chief of the neighbouring district who represents the Fijians killed in the incident.

Fiji's Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, is expected to attend.

We are facing so many hardships," Ratu, or chief, Filimoni Nawawabalevu told AFP.

"We believe we must have been cursed, and we must apologise for what happened... When we have made the apology we will be clean again," he said.

One villager who took part in the feast was quoted in contemporary accounts as saying "we ate everything but his boots".

One of his boots is reportedly on display in the Fiji Museum.

Reverend Baker is one of the few recorded examples of a Westerner falling victim to Fiji cannibals.

Cannibalism died out in Fiji in the mid-19th century with the end of warring and the acceptance of Christianity.



No bloody equal ops then!!

when was the last time you heard of a white tribe that was cannibals..besides paras and booties! :D
You do realise you have just given Hannibal Lector grounds for an appeal,
if saying sorry cuts out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually ex-dvr, there's a certain amount of archaological evidence for cannibalism amongst various Northern European tribes, butchering marks on bones and the like. I also seem to remember Tacitus accusing the Germans of eating some of Varrus' lost legions and the early Caledonians of similar offences.

You could argue that Holy Communion is a sort of supplement for cannibalism.

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