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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Proximo, May 26, 2006.

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  1. The Crown Club is now open for wider business.

    If you know you're an entitled ARRSEr and would like to join, please fire a PM into me and I'll arrange access.

    Unfortunately - and as many will know - there are all manner of nutters out there and so I must ask that prospective ARRSErs give me either the name of another ARRSEr who recommended them, or you simply front up and tell me who you are. Worry not - in return you find out who I am.

    Your identities will remain a closely guarded secret.

    Come and join the 180 or so current members and find out what's really going on in this wonderful Army of ours.... :D

    Note: ICSC(L) 3 ARRSErs will be automatically transferred at the end of their course. I'll sort that with Solon down range.
  2. Nah. The NAAFI is more informative......and enlightening.
  3. Maybe, but the spelling is better in the Crown Club :D
  4. Do you have a pool table, 70's prog rock jukebox and strippers on a Saturday night?
  5. We have a birdtable, BOWMAN and delectable clerks.

    Well, perhaps not the clerks... :D

    When we are on exercise its not un common for the Orficsers to get issued with so called Welfare phones, as the comms go down due to the age of the stuff ala 1960's etc, they use the phones as an officer chat network..Names and grid references in clear..the usual Comsec Bo####ks the sigs DC pulling his hair out etc... :?

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  7. dance_with_the_devil, are you the mess steward or just waiting on in here? sorry, couldnt resist reverting to (stereo)type! like the nokia pic though!
  8. No not a mess steward,
    Am General Sir Mike Jacksons Batman and i carry a big FCUKOFF Knife... :twisted:

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  9. The crown club sounds like a poor cousin of the michelin star restaurant guide for caravan owners!

    Finding out what is really going on in this man's army is easy! Just look at the paltry amount HM pays you then wince at the pain in your arse and realise that you are being shafted!

    Even with a crown or more you are underpaid!
  10. Excellent, then you have something to fall upon........
  11. Thats not a knife!

    This is a knife!!

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  12. Actually, that's a spoon but given the sort of chap going through Staff College these days...well done anyway!
  13. No not a mess steward,
    Am General Sir Mike Jacksons Batman and i carry a big FCUKOFF Knife...

    - Well why didn't you do us all a huge favour when you had the chance and polish him off after one of his 2 bottle benders?
    - Wouldn't have seen you coming with the whisky haze and saggy eyes.

    No peerage seems to be forthcoming, may that remain so, spineless weasel.
  14. hehe watch man, nice one
  15. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    The Crown Club is still in existence and remains open for business.

    If members wish to join in the fun there, please approach myself as I have, for my sins, taken over from Proximo in looking after membership. I will either require your real id or a recommendation of someone I know that can verify your credentials.