The Crossing Of The River Garigliano

Has anyone heard this song, sung to the tune of Red River Valley?
It's about the refusal of American Forces in WW2, of crossing of said river & it was lead by the 5th Brit Div of the American sector.
And can anyone supply a history of said action?

ps, given to me by an old Red Cap (Puke). Would love some information

There's blood on the streets of Minturno
It's the blood of the brave and the few
Of a division that went into battle
To do a job that the Yanks couldn't do

Now the Yanks said we'd never cross that river
They said it just could not be done
And to prove what they thought of our chances
They were betting at twenty to one (true)

But the Yanks didn't know the fifth division
When there's a job to be done
For there's nothing on this earth can stop us
No, not even the square-headed Hun

So forward we went to that river
And never a man faltered there
Everyone looking grim and determined
In our hearts we were whispering a prayer

For we thought of our wives and mothers
And we thought of our loved ones who'd yearn
For we knew when we crossed o'er that river
There'd be many who'd never return

Yes there's blood on the streets of Minturno
It's the blood of the Comrades we love
May their names live in glory forever
And their souls rest in Heaven above

Thank you in anticipation
When I was a very young subaltern we had a very old QM. He told me that as they were marching up to the battle American soldiers were actually shouting out the odds to them. One tom left the ranks and butt stroked the most vocal of the yanks, and warned the others that he'd bayonet the next man who made a bet on his life.

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