The Cross of St George - An Illegal emblem?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LIMA, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Not quite sure where to put this one so here we go

    Heres the Link to a thread on the Fusiliers Messageboard. This guy was nicked for having the Cross of St George on his Knee sliders when out riding his Motorbike. The Policeman told him to remove them because it may have offended "other" drivers. He refused and was booked.He`s taking it all the way and theres a lot of very PC P*ssed off people backing him. The coming Monday, the 23rd of April is St Georges Day - The Patron Saint of England - and we don`t have the right to Fly the Flag! - Check out the thread and give your support..

  2. This bod needs to make a formal complaint to the PCA about this cnut!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Yep, but needs to ensure he use's the right channels, getting the BNP to investigate like the someone has said on the site is wrong. If you can't take up the complaint yourself then thats your problem. There is a system there to be followed, if you don't follow it it gives the other party grounds for an appeal should the decision not go their way. Thats why they have procedures!

    Policy makers need to get it sorted. If our countries flag is an 'illegal symbol' then there's something going wrong. If that isn't policy then the office needs to be gripped and charged for wasting police time and our taxs.
  4. I can quite understand the police officer's point of view, especially if there are large numbers of easily offended dragons in Cheshire.
  5. Nice one, TT.

    Your's'll be a Youngers, I s'pose?

    Seeriussssleee - if that PC had nailed me for that, I'd now be rattling the Chief Constable's cage fairly badly.

    And I'm not even English!
  6. What about City of London coppers, don't they have a St Georges Cross on their uniforms?
  7. from the first fusillers messageboard
    Bearing in mind the the knee sliders are on the person, not the vehicle I can't see that being his defence. It could even be argued that knee sliders are there for safety (bit dubious how that will be received)

    from the DVLA website

    so you can display a National symbol on your registration plate, why not your knee sliders?
  8. Could it be that the police man is a proud englishman that didnt want to see the cross of St George destroyed on the tarmac?
  9. I hereby campaign for all things St George and nationalistic. That means all Jocks, Paddys and Taffs out there should change there avator's too. Is it so much to ask that we keep some semblance of identity?
  10. doubt it, he probably just come out of the Police training centre and wants to impress his boss with his pro PC credentials, Gayness, spliff smoking and hating motorist and Bikers with equal measure, he wil be Chief Constable Pillock in no time.
  11. Facts:
    1. The knee sliders are not illegal as they form part of his clothing.
    2. The St Georges cross is not an illegal emblem (not yet anyway) such as a swastica is in Germany.
    3. The Copper is a to$$er.
    4. I am leaving UK as soon as I finish my Colours for this type of cack!
    5. My blood is boiling!! Aaaaaaarggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    The pax involved should demand an investigation by the relevant Police complaints commission together with a full and unretracted apology from the Orrifice and the Chief Constable.

    Des Brown should allow the pax involved to sell his story to the current bun.

    I can't beleive this sh1t I really can't and they wonder why the BNP is getting more and more support - btw I don't support the BNP!
  12. I'd certainly help you with your campaign, but what about us preserving our identities?

  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I didn't know it was illegal to show anything but the EU flags on your number plate! Where can I get a St George markered number plate?
  14. I'm 100% behind you. I've never heard anything as ridiculous as a policeman preventing a citizen displaying his own national flag.
  15. Not sure if this completely answers question but i found this with regards to flag of St George or any other legitimate flag on License Plates.

    Legistlation on St George on Number Plates

    With regard to keeping our identity, in the past few months i have heard of the following:

    a. Hot cross buns being confiscated from kids in school in case they offended other kids.

    b. Union flags being removed by council officials before the visit of Prince Edward.

    c. This stupid bloody license plate incident.

    There are other examples that due to a few two many yellow handbags i can't think of right now but we are slowly and surely being swamped by Council type do gooders who want to strip us of very basic things. How can i hot cross bun offend someone!