The criminal justice system really does work

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Well I suppose they did leave their window open and lead him into temptation,which was an offence at one time in the army,ie leaving your wallet around for somebody to nick.The only answer is to mine the windowsills to blow the little scrote to bits and thereby save a fortune on his next 30 years in prison.

    It´s a sad world where you can´t leave a window open without an army of pikeys forming ranks of 3 to take their turn to pillage your property,and of course get compo if they cut their fingers whilst slitting your throat,Britain in the 21st Century,bloody wonderfull :(
  2. F**king love "Restorative Justice" I do, catch a scrote robbing call Police, they rock up and make them apologise, "Oh and they'll write an apology".
    Scum walks out of store and we've watched them get outside on cctv and break into shit eating big smiles a they can't believe their luck.
    This has happened for large volume thefts as well as for Minor shite like #kids nicking sweets.
  3. Another shining example of "Education education education" at it's finest.

    Poor spelling and grammar as well.
  4. I'm wondering if Melanie Jones keeps her pips on in bed. The horny minx.
  5. I believe he just but only just attained the pass mark for A** in English Language ... thank goodness for standards .
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  6. I wonder if he can spell and punctuate but chooses not to, because there are more sympathy miles in semi-literacy ?

    Going back many years I recall some yobs gatecrashing a party and pouring meths into the drinks etc. A girl became upset and Met Police arrived. A dog handler of Yorkshire origin. He said something in a yob's ear and they all sloped out and sat quietly in their cars for the rest of the night.

    The copper had whispered that the girl is Charlie Kray's daughter. He said that little fib used to save him and his dog an awful amount of work. As for them not driving off till they were sober next morning. That was his lie about keen trainee constables lurking with breathalyser bags. Funny how the beggars weren't frightened oif police but their backsides went sixpences and half crowns when they thought the Krays might send a representative to discuss matters.
  7. She looks like my uncle Derek would look like if he put on a police uniform. In fact, wait...
  8. I thought they had mixed the pictures up with the CH4 Tranny show.
  9. Oh dear. Fixed it for you. Basics.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    When I saw this thing this morning I thought "Good". The little tosser has at least been honest for once in his dismal life, and the idea that a probation / prison officer can say "Now Desmond, if you write a nice letter to the people you robbed / mugged / did over, it will count towards your rehabilitation and enable you to get out of nick and go on an outward bound course to Devon" makes me puke. If the little shit broke into my gaff, got nicked then wrote saying 'Sorry' it would go straight back to the nick with detailed instructions for its safe storage somewhere warm.

    Any instances of scumbags writing to say sorry when they didnt get nicked? Thought not. PC hypocrisy.
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  11. As ever, 'TheIronDuke' is spot on with his observations - spot on.

    Writing sorry letters - a public birching, with trousers down is what is really needed, or maybe a 9 mm bullet through the temple in 'self defence'.
  12. I think the burglar's response is 100% more honest than the letters of "apology" written on the orders of a judge.

    Plus this one had some bostin crime prevention advice as a bonus.
  13. the softley softley aproach to crime is meant ot be for youngsters who have erred in some minor way, its also meant as a method of stopping the stupidity of prosecuting a youth for the theft of under 75£'s worth of goods since the court costs alone are massivly disproportionate to the crime, and its only meant ot be used once, fully logged including photo of individual concerned so that should they comit another offence however petty a stronger action can be used instantly, of course plod's not exactly keen on doing paperwork since it takes them off there real job of policing but with all the cutbacks there support staff all went missing and they have ot do thats themselves now so more often than not its taking weeks or months to input everything correctly.
  14. "Bostin"
    Kettle pot etc. etc.