The Creed of the Non Commisioned Officers

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by 3milesniper, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Got given this the other week
    Not my work but pretty good

    No man should be more professional than I.
    I am a Non commissioned officer.
    As a Non commissioned officer, I am a member of a time honoured group

    The Back Bone of the British Army

    I am proud to be an NCO,I will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon my Regiment, The Army and my Country, I will never use my rank or position to attain pleasure, profit or personal safety.

    Accomplishment of my task
    And the Welfare of My Troops
    Remain my main priorities.

    I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient,
    I am aware of my role as an NCO, and I will always fulfil the responsibilities inherent to that role.

    All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership and I will always do my utmost to display that leadership.

    I will always ensure that I know my troops and I will always place their needs above my own, I will always communicate with my soldiers and never leave them uninformed,

    I will be fair when recommending both rewards and punishments,
    Officers of my Regiment will have maximum time to accomplish their duties,
    They will never have to accomplish mine,
    I will earn both their respect and confidence, as well as that of my troops

    I will above all remain loyal to those with which I serve seniors, peers and subordinates alike.
    I will exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders

    I will never forget, nor will I allow my fellow Non Commissioned Officers to forget that we are professionals

    Non Commissioned Officers

    Leaders of men
  2. Unless of course the NCO is a kn*b.
  3. I think the sentiments are admirable but it reads as though it's natural habitat is on a tea-towel...sorry, it wouldn't get my juices flowing!
  4. This is a nasty copy of the NCO Creed recited by any and all NCO's in the US Army. Nice words, yet to meet a NCO in the US Army that lives up to it.

    Much time wasted at PLDC/BNCOC (MPC & MPC A) reciting this bag of manure creed.

    Im off to play in traffic....
  5. To be fair to the bloke that gave it me had it on a framed scroll thing,but yea it does a bit.However the sentiments are worthwhile
  6. Is the British Army turning American? I shared an office with a Septic Army Sgt for two years and he had this behind his desk and could rattle it off parrot fashion. Didn't necessarily mean it applied to him though.

  7. This is the sort of tat you see framed and hung on a MacDonalds wall. The steps towards achieving your 5 Gold Star status.

    Leave it to the Septics, they do it more convincingly.
  8. Oh poo, i'm agreeing with marco :D
  9. Surely a British NCO doesn't need it to be written down anywhere like an instruction manual for a microwave?

    British NCOs and American NCOs are poles apart. A British Cpl probably has more flexibility, ability to show initiative and speed of thought than a US Army most cases. ;)

    Not a dig at the septics, just a fact of how different we do business and what we expect from our chaps and how they deliver it.
  10. Steady VB, steady.........!
  11. Oh indeed sir. Being able to recite this at ones promotion board is enough to stiffen the SGM's frontal pant area and secure yourself a position on the next SGT/SSG promotion list.
  12. "McGonnagall rather than Burns"
  13. I have some shotgun cartridges loaded with these. Fly about like wild woman's sh*t but don't half make a mess if one hits you .....

    You're welcome to play the analogy game if you like ....................
  14. looks like a pie of poo, I would use it to wipe my arrse, let the septics keep it!!!

  15. Veritably...