The creation of Brigade Recce Forces

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by alfred_the_great, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Having just had a flick through a random Afghanistan war memoir, I noted that more and more Brigades are working with a Brigade Recce Force (BRF). Are this a theatre-specific creation, built around an ad-hoc organisation or are they now a permanent unit (a la 3 Cdo Bde BRF)? Plain intellectual curiosity, not a journo walting!
  2. Originally quite ad hoc but recently mostly drawn from the FR sqn in the bde. Add in a few extra bits and you have the BRF.
  3. Entirely down to the Brig who he creates them from - one of the Bdes ran a selection for all arms across the bde, formed up the composite force and then trained them seperately during MRX etc..........FR does not have the monoploy on them - much to the annoyance of DRAC - there is a little one star bunfighting going on about who gets the job, DInf, DRA and DRAC all feel that they should own it.........
  4. One of hte downsides to our traditions and Regimental system....
  5. Many thanks.
  6. [align=center]OR.......[/align]

    One of the upsides to our traditions and Regimental system...

    The 1* who gets it after compitition will love and cherish it and make sure it gets the resources it needs.......possibly. :eek:
  7. Until it no longer becomes "sexy" and current and then becomes a burden competing against further Arm commitments and training at which point the cynical will say that it will be under resourced and supported and then become just another task a Bn or Regt is expected to be able to perform without the necessary support................

    God i am feeling cynical this morning
  8. Can you expand on that?
  9. no its the extra bits that make them a valuable and underpraised force multiplier (and the extra bits should remain a mystery to all but those involved).

    Their contribution to the ISTAR picture when tasked correctly is invaluable and i would personally say essential (as someone who has relied on them time and again)
  10. For more info, there is a good article by the BC of 4/73 SP OP By about the BRF he was in command of during Herrick 7 in the last issue of BAR (Spring 2009).
  11. Everything in the British Army seems to be done "ad hoc" nowadays anyway, guess thats why we think we're shit hot
  12. Yes...."tactics are for amateurs, logistics for professionals" isn't that it?
  13. Centralisation into a BRF means advantages (consolidation of expertise & easier training) & disadvantages (not available to their unit)
  14. There are various papaers doing the round on BRFs. They will become standardised across all bdes and will move to become an FR capability over time.

    All we have to do now is figure out what exactly a BRF is! All the papers I have seen are somewhat confused on the issue.
  15. Basically the same as what Pathfinders do but just 10 times shitter.