The Cream of The Army

One day four young men wearing moleskin trousers and Jermyn Street shirts turn up outside the pearly gates. St Peter explains that before they can pass they must answer one simple question. Up walks the first guy.

St Peter asks "What's 2+2?"
The chap answers: "3",
"No" says St P,
"No" says St P. "4"
"Yes in you go."

Up comes the second guy.

"What's 2 + 2?"
The chap answers "The Square route of 16."
Very impressed St Peter allows him past.

Up comes the third guy.

"What's 2 + 2?"
"It's greater than 2."
"But less than 6"
"It's greater than 3"
"But less than 5"
"It's 4"
"Well done in you go"

Up comes the fourth chap.

"What's 2 + 2?"
"5, Hoorah" he barges past St P and in through the pearly gates.

An angel had overseen all this and comes up to St P and asks "What was all that about?" St P answers "It's obvious an army Land Rover must have crashed somewhere and those four men were all officers."

"How can you tell?" enquires the angel.

"The first guy was infantry, he didn't get there at first but he kept hammering away until he overcame. The second guy was REME, he gave me more information than I really required. The third guy was artillery, he used bracketing to zero in.”

"But what about the fourth guy?" enquired the angel. "He got it wrong and he still barged passed."

"Ahh" said St P. "That was the cavalry, thick as shit, but you've got to love 'em."
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