"The cream always rises to the top"


Mr_Fingerz said:
The cream of society = thick, rich and full of clots.....

Well, they do say that the old ones are, in fact, the old ones.
Also as a by product prove the other old adage.

"its now what you know its who you know"
Chinggis said:
s*** floats.
I have always wondered about this saying. Most normal people have shite that sinks like a stone otherwise you could never flush the damn stuff away.

Only strange people who eat "roughage" have bouyant sh1t and they are not the sort of people who should be allowed to make up pithy sayings.
Cream rises to the top, but it is the first to get eaten by scavenging birds as they peck through the golden foil lid on the milkbottle.

Much akin to 'Eagles may soar, but sheep don't get sucked into jet engines'.
flynavy said:
Honesty is the best policy - discuss that one!
Yes I agree! But only with a bit of theatrical licence.
Admitting to the QM that I broke that window first thing Monday morning was OK. Although annoyed he appreciated my honesty therefore no billing action was taken. If Id told him the real reason as to how the window was broken then I would have been bounced the camp like a ball in a squash court.


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