The Craftsman Magazine is on the ball..............

Discussion in 'REME' started by VerminWA, May 30, 2006.

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  1. The Craftsman Magazine has printed a story that elements of 103 Bn and 104 Bn are to be mobolised with 5 Bn on Telic 9. As I am one of those lucky few you can imagine how impressed I am that I read it in the Crafty before recieving the orders in black and white on my door mat.....................................I understand that the hold up is with Land, maybe The Craftman Magazine would like to manage deployments from now on, that way we may have a little bit of time to get our lives in order before leaving for the sandpit. After all this is TELIC 9 (NINE), how much more feckin practice do they need?? :evil:
  2. Odd...they usually put it in the April edition.
  3. It probably is, I didn't read the date on the front!!!
  4. What's your problem? If they've been supplied with information then they'll print it, it's not like the Crafty is a tabloid rag that actively seeks sources. They print what they're asked to.

    Alternatively, if they are wrong then there's no real harm done as its not an authorative document. Lets try to stop bashing people for the sake of it.
  5. Well consider that a warning order then, some of us dont even get that, I came into work one morning after a short leave and was quizzed why I was there and not at 2 Bn catching a flight on deployment on Telic 1 which I knew nothing about, but the bosses had for over a month - imagine my surprise!!!!!!
  6. So you think its ok for anybody to here that they are about to be mobilised from an " non authorative document " then Sparky?
    Ask yourself a question for a change, read the post properly, he's asking LAND the question not the Crafty mag.
  7. Thank you jockster!

    It's not like locking my room in the block, I have a life to get in order! I'm not doing that on the strength of an artical in a corp magazine!
  8. VWA,

    If you have been told you are deploying, you know. Therefore you aren't doing it on the strength of a corps magazine article.

    Are you upset that you read about it the crafty mag before you were told, ar are upset that you don't feel you have enough time to prepare.

    Either way, if it's too much hassle for you - fu@*ing leave now and stop taking easy money under false pretences.

    BTW a singly doesn't 'just lock his room' he also has a life to get in order. Of course if you'd done some time, you'd know.
  9. Yeah right, I'm going to give notice on my work contract on the strength of the spoken word, I've been here before where I started getting my life in order only to find the CO was getting overexcited and I wasn't on the list. I legally have to give a months notice to terminate my contract.

    I lose money by being in the TA!

    I have done some time and that is pretty much what I did when deploying on GW1.

    Anymore smart coments?
  10. elements of 103 Bn and 104 Bn are to be mobolised with 5 Bn

    Perhaps you're getting excited over nothing. Perhaps yuo aren't one of thjose elements and therefore there's no reason to tell yuo.

    As an ex regular who went to Cyprus on 24 hrs notice, was part of 3 Div (Strat Reserve) for 4 years and was on permanent 24 hour call for over half that time I am getting more than a little disillusioned at the constant carping on just about everything that happens nowadays.

    If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.
  11. Try zips on your pockets so your cash doesn't fall out. (Maybe you could buy a purse or a handbag so you don't lose anymore cash.)

    Hope I've been some help. :)

  12. If I couldn't take the heat I wouldn't be going, we are all voluteers in these times of "inteligent mobilisation." All I'm saying is Land has the list of those who are making up "the composite platoon" being deployed and have had for some time, so why not send out the mobilisation orders in good time. A simple request one would think, no?
  13. Maybe they have told everyone and it turns out you're not part of the plan!

    CC_TA :p

    ...Why not wait until about 5 days before the unit should be leaving, then tell everyone - then nobody would have time to whinge about it!
  14. msr

    msr LE

    All TA mobilisation is now voluntary - I can get you the ref of the letter from LAND if you don't believe me.

    If you have not volunteered, you are not going.

    Simple as.

  15. Yes as previously stated in the thread, I am a volunteer! Lucky you being able to get a letter from LAND!