The courts and the war against Iraq

In Ireland and Germany the courts have made decisions - whose implications are momentous. Last year, five peace campaigners were acquitted after using an axe and hammers to cause $2.5m worth of damage to a plane belonging to the US navy. When they attacked it, in February 2003, it had been refuelling at Shannon airport on its way to Kuwait, where it would deliver supplies to be used in the impending war. The jury decided that the five saboteurs were acting lawfully.

This summer, the German federal administrative court threw out the charge of insubordination against a major in the German army. He had refused to obey an order which, he believed, would implicate him in the invasion of Iraq. The judges determined that the UN charter permits a state to go to war in only two circumstances: in self-defence, and when it has been authorised to do so by the UN security council. The states attacking Iraq, they ruled, had no such licence. Resolution 1441, which was used by the British and US governments to justify the invasion, contained no authorisation. The war could be considered an act of aggression.

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warning very self righteous
It was a war of aggression.What more can be said
Congress authorize it good enough for me ,by the way their was no authorization for Afghanistan by congress another war crime ?

Its just a European court not to be taken seriously.
Ireland is run by the Irish - nuff said.
Germany went through a very serious war - yes so did we in UK but we did not have armies fighting door to door. I spoke with some Germans who had been at Stalingrad and in Berlin at the end. In addition, there were the revelations of what had been going on in Germany and Poland during the Final Solution. What one feels about all this - justified, never happened, it was not Germans like me; all those explanations - there is a very well founded opinion as to the evil of war. This tempers attitudes to warlike action as reported above in the case of the Army officer.
Possibly out of order on this forum but I would prefer that we did not have blokes in combat as now and did not face any 'active service' in the years ahead. I would not want to see Guards Brigade in hair nets with ear rings but I feel they could be put to better work using their discipline and skills for benefit and not dealing death and destruction of the magnitude they are capable.

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