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The County Murder Challenge

OK, rules of the game.

You can play any (British) murderer from any time in history - but the murderer represents their county. The county which accumulates the best selection of grizzlies is the winner. You can play as many cards / murderers as you want - but are limited to one murderer per post.

For my first card / murderer / nomination... I give you Last of the Summer Wine's own Holmfirth murderer: Andrew Lindo. An art teacher who recently topped his Doris then put her body in a suitcase, before hiding it in the garage. That same night he picked up another woman who he then spent the night with.
West Yorkshires very own Albert Pierrepoint did for a few
It is believed that Pierrepoint executed at least 433 men and 17 women, including six U.S. soldiers at Shepton Mallet and some 200 Nazi war criminals


I'll see your killer(s) and raise you a Steven Wright AKA the Suffolk Strangler.

He lived around the corner from me and bagged himself a fine selection of working ladies - two of which I knew rather well as they used to line the route between my gaff and Sainsbury's.

One night one of them asked me if I wanted 'business'. Considering how pretty I am, the thought of me having to pay for it, frankly insulted me.



My old mate Derrick Bird put Cumbria back on the map.

If it hadn't been for him, we'd have needed another nuclear waste leak or summink.

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