The County Murder Challenge

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BanjoBill, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. OK, rules of the game.

    You can play any (British) murderer from any time in history - but the murderer represents their county. The county which accumulates the best selection of grizzlies is the winner. You can play as many cards / murderers as you want - but are limited to one murderer per post.

    For my first card / murderer / nomination... I give you Last of the Summer Wine's own Holmfirth murderer: Andrew Lindo. An art teacher who recently topped his Doris then put her body in a suitcase, before hiding it in the garage. That same night he picked up another woman who he then spent the night with.
  2. It's half-past three
  3. Actualy its 27 minutes past seven
  4. Stalin.

    He was secretly British.
  5. Whoops! Wrong forum... aimed for the NAAFI. Never was a very good shot.
  6. Harold Shipman, From Nottinghamshire, but got most of his estimated 200+ in Greater Mankychester.
  7. May I offer you Gloucestershire's own Sir Arthur Travers Harris


    What's that? wrong audience? ;o)
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  8. West Yorkshires very own Albert Pierrepoint did for a few
  9. Sawney Bean.

    A man before his time in the recycling body parts game.
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  10. Tre Pol and Pen are Cornishmen.

    I'm having Pol Pot.
  11. Spammer, reported.
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I'll see your killer(s) and raise you a Steven Wright AKA the Suffolk Strangler.

    He lived around the corner from me and bagged himself a fine selection of working ladies - two of which I knew rather well as they used to line the route between my gaff and Sainsbury's.

    One night one of them asked me if I wanted 'business'. Considering how pretty I am, the thought of me having to pay for it, frankly insulted me.


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  13. Hitler - well he may have visited Liverpool once - isn't that close enough?