The country you all serve is in danger!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by abparty, May 8, 2007.

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  1. If anyone here has followed the election results in the UK these past few days, you`ll all know that the SNP-a bunch of seperatists in Scotland won by one seat. Although its true that their victory is pretty much attributed to an anti Blair vote rather than a pro independence vote, the UK is still in danger.

    Many people particularly in the army will know that the army fights with a Scottish spine-the country you all serve may well dissolve as a result of nothing but a protest vote against Labour.

    Please ppl, sign this petition to make the PM defend the Union of the British state-lets not let the nation which destroyed Hitler, mussolini and even, going far enougth back, Napoleon, end with a whimper.

    sign the petition for Britain.
  2. Are you going to post this in every forum?

  3. 2nd post, at least you could have use a spell checker.
  4. I posted it in one other by mistake
  5. point taken-as i say i posted it int he wrong place and ive just edited the spellin mistakes-i type too fast
  6. And the Caps Lock key.
  7. If Tops says you're a cnut, you're a cnut. Take a hint...
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong here but the Scottish parliament has no authority to split Scotland from England.

    Even if they voted yes in a referendum, a vote in Westminster would be required to change the Act of Union. The Scottish parliament could no more create an independent Scotland than North Lincolnshire Council could create an independent Scunthorpe!
  9. yea but there would be quite a moral argument that the UK parliament should abide by a Scots decision- which if ignored could escalate into civil unreast.

    Im not saying it will happen-chances are this is a flash in the pan, more a reaction against labour than anything-the unionist parties-tory, lib dem and labour have, when their seats combined, a lot more seats than the SNP, however, reminding the PM that there are still some people interested in a UK is no bad thing
  10. Okay, I'm bored - I'll bite.

    What exactly do you intend to do if the majority of Jockanese do vote to leave the UK?

    Just what do you mean by "Defend the historic union....."? Angry words or invasion?

    Excuse us if we fail to see the past 30 years in Northern Ireland a shining beacon of democracy.

    And for the record - I see no point swapping London for Brussels, just interested in your plans. 8O
  11. me thinks abparty talks shite
  12. You ONLY think it!!! :twisted:
  13. Really? The best analysts and spinmeisters money can buy can't say that definitively. What do you base your conclusion on?

    In any case, the UK having been a good thing historically hardly supports it's continued existence; the Empire which imposed peace and prosperity upon Europe and North Africa for centuries was a good thing, but I don't hear anyone crying to be ruled from Rome.

    For the record, I voted SNP, but solely to try to get the Labour c*nt out.
  15. i was given to assume that the majority of people on this forum were British army ppl-if those of you opposing the Union are in the British army, or member of this room ,t he question is why-if you oppse the concept of a British state, why be a member of a British army forum or the army itself.