THE COUCH...............

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by tigger_c/s_30, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Decided to open this thread for all the MODS who feel they are being unfairly maligned in another thread on this site , please feel free to come here in total anonymity lay down , and talk about how difficult it is being a MOD for ARRSE and how we other members have no idea of the stress induced trying to control this site.

    Be assured everything said will be in total confidence and will not leave this thread :lol:
  2. of course, no psychiatrists' practice would be complete without a random sitting bored in the waiting room.
  3. You'll not see Ex Dvr's arrse on your couch.......he's already got a counsellor.............if you know what I mean.
  4. Dr. BEER???

  5. Please no advertising any other "trick cyclists" this is MY THREAD MINE YOU HEAR 8O
  6. Tigger,

    Dr. Stella then??? Dr. Whiskey???

    Your thread, your call!



  7. Side splitting stuff.

  8. Only other "trick cyclist" of any repute I will allow on this thread is Dr Glenfiddich, ................. well ok anyone with a name that sounds like a single malt :lol:
  9. ALL the best things medicinal come from Scotland!!!!
    And as a Scottish former RMN I should know! :lol:
  10. What?? No Dr Budwieser? No Dr Coors??? No Dr Pabst Blue Ribbon???

    That's it, count me out!!



  11. Ametuers everyone of them bloody amatuers........ 8O
  12. That's why so many of us do our own home brewing.

  13. Look Ex Dvr.......that website address you were after. Save you a fortune in 'Ace.
  14. it is very unfortunate that so many psychiatrists share their surnames with well-known brands of alcohol.
  15. Like who?