The cost of Mr Bliar.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. Top him and save us all a fortune.
  2. Cnut
    Why are we paying for his security when he is off on profit making trips abroad?
  3. I don't really like TB but what is 6 million when the Government are splashing out £600 billion or so a year on benefits for mostly idle cunts. If I was in power I know what I'd be looking at first.
  4. I do not get the point of the article. Or rather, I do not get the sting of the article, unless it was purely informative.

    Ex-PMs need protecting, and protection costs money. I do not believe there is any sane person who doesn't understand that.
  5. Thwere is obviously a statutory requirement for ex Prime-Ministers, regardless of their worth, to be kept secure.

    It is a measure of the man that he has not chosed to contribute to this £6,000,000 cost from his vast private earnings, only possible because he is kept secure.

    Would our government's obligations not be met by putting this service out to tender? I would have thought a low bid would easily be obtained, perhaps from a firm wishing to increase its public profile?

    The Gallowglas Guard comes to mind as eminently appropriate, and, with Tony Blair's religious connections, maybe this contribution could even reward their leader with a Papal Medal at some stage?

    Personally I would even see an Award from Her Majesty to the Gallowglas Guard as worthwhile , given the right result!
  6. And there folks was a shameless plug by the Gallowglas chairman! :D
  7. One respects the office (not necessarily the incumbents), and protection is normal for holders both during and after their tenure. The difference here is the relative youth and level of activity by one individual when much of the costliest activity is for private benefit. I agree with those who say there should be a scale of contribution to security costs assessed from personal profit - not to be punitive, but because it is a right thing to do.
  8. Well, Blair's a Catholic; give him a CP Team from the Papel Guard... :twisted:
  9. Mr Bliar recently made a statement stating that he has a potential earnings of £14 million +, I suspect it will be only a matter of time (Iraq Inquiry pending) that someone will attempt some form of another attack,

    Shame we could'nt ship him off to the coast off Somalia & let them have their way!

    The mans as gulity as TB in they worked closely together for long enough & now Mr Bliar is raking it in along with that B... of a wife!!
  10. A mass grave filled with every member of the present government? :twisted:
  11. :D I do think the Gallowglass chairman even, might see it as his duty to try to protect the Bliar man! All I want as a result is all his skills used to guard Bliar! Medals, like rewards for bankers, on failure!
  12. Everything nowadays is 'controlled by budget' - does this worthless twerp not have a budget for protection that he must live within? If not, why not?

    'Freedom of Information' enquiries might reveal comparative amounts for other past prime ministers: Thatcher and Major.
  13. He should be making a contribution, but as he has come across as a money grabbing twunt, I won't be holding my breath.
  14. I can't find it anywhere now, but I seem to remember reading that His Tonyness of Fleece-the-Marks was costing the UK taxpayers something like £3 million per year for protection and salary while he was in office. Now he's been bounced as pry minister, he's trousering milligans on the private circuit, but still costing the UK taxpayers twice as much! What went wrong?

    It's reasonable to assume that his CP team are Brits. Given that everybody can't get enough of him (according to His Tonyness) everywhere else in the world, apart from in the UK, I wonder just what the fellas think of him and whether they might not be (hopefully) scheming to set up a little "incident". We can but dream.

    Maybe he could have a "riding accident" like the Superman fella. Then we could infiltrate "carers" into the scene, who'd trundle him into the kitchen in his NHS shopping trolley and dunk his lower legs into the chip-fryer, while His Tonyness watches his plates get the "Mars bar treatment".

    No, no taxi for me, thanks. It's a nice night and I'll shank it home.