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Just got this snippet of information from The Motley Fool website (financial website), makes your bloody eyes water living in the UK:

Following on from a poster asking for the cost of
living in the UK, I had a quick check on various
TMF boards for stated monthly living costs. The
table may help give a general idea of living costs,
but there will be significant variation depending
on circumstance.

Category Monthly cost Sample

Mortgage / rent £465.00 24
Council tax £94.25 18
Electricity £34.73 22
Gas £29.35 19
Water £27.71 18
Telephone £28.07 16
Mobile phone £40.10 21
Petrol / diesel £85.44 19
TV Licence £10.50 19
Sky £27.04 12
Internet £15.46 14
H/C insurance £19.36 21
Groceries £253.20 25
Clothing £54.12 17
Car tax £13.66 16
Car insurance £36.36 19
Car MOT £9.35 10
Other travel £91.19 13
B'days / Xmas £30.79 19
What is the meaning of the number following each of the costs? And the figure for rent/mortgage is less than I reckon it should be.

(I haven't yet looked properly at the other costs.)

Edit:Whoops, sorry. I have scrolled to the top of the page of the source website, to reveal that the last number is the sample size - number of people supplying information.

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