The Cost of an ND

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batfink2, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. From Today's NZ Herald:
    What would the approximate cost be here ($NZ1600 is about £600)?
    What does it say about arming senior officers?
    Where was his 'bearer' who should have been carrying it for him?
    If you shout "BANG" (a la current OTC/ACF SOPs due to munitions shortages) at an inappropriate time, is that still classed as an ND?

    (Shamelessly piked from PPRUNE!)
  2. A captain on TELIC got done for 21 days pay, which worked out to GBP1932. Steep.
  3. LANDSO 1st offence recommendation for a soldier is 14 days pay - 21 days for a captain is pretty mild in comparison.
  4. I'll have you know there's plenty of ammo around for the OTC!

    None of that BANG nonsense!
  5. IIRC 1 RGJ were being fined a month's pay for an ND committed during pre-NI trg at Lydd & Hythe ranges in 99.
  6. We were also threatened with the same with 1RRW in Kosovo in 2000. IIRC, it was the same punishment for losing a round.
  7. I never quite worked out how people had ND's - stick to the drills and no problems. "Lost" a round in 1989 (in barracks) and got a £60.00 fine - it was in NI so I thought it was quite a reasonable punishment.
  8. Slightly off topic, but following on from above... A chap lost a round in Bosnia and became instantly unpopular as the rest of the platoon spent the next two days searching for the sodding thing. Ended up being 'found' by a sympathetic monkey. After that everyone wised up and liberated a few spares from the next range day.
  9. That can end up being even more expensive.

    If you happen to have a Q bloke who is a total **** retentive type and checks the batch number on the bottom of the rounds......

    Gets all heated and loud and the beer tokens seem to run out quickly the next month.

    Not that I have any personal experience of this you understand. Just something I heard from someone somewhere once...ummm
  10. On my Telic the going rate for an ND was one month's pay, a lost round wa sminimum 10 days pay. Duty rumour at the time was that a couple of majors at Brigade had NDs and got stung the full amount.
  11. Isn't the punishment for an ND in OTC "You've made Mr Adj. very sad. Say sorry"
  12. I know someone who probably wishes it was!
  13. Mixing operational ammo and training ammo - very wise, well done.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    That's what you get for putting a ridiculous fine in place for losing a round.

  15. It is ludicrous that avoidance of one 'offence' should spawn another, potentially worse offence! It reminds me of the gunner subbie who got back into camp in NI and after conducting his checks discovered he was down 8 magazines, 4 rifles and 1 PRR. It would have helped if he'd counted the soldiers on to the ac at the PUP...