The correct way to keep order on the football pitch, Brazil.

Maybe the FA could learn from this demonstration of how to keep unruly, prima donna players in check.

RIOT POLICE steamed in to restore order in a Brazilian League game - by baton-charging and pepper-spraying the players.
Fans at the clash between Genus and Moto Clube in the north west of Brazil were stunned when the ref called in police after sent-off Genus player Robson refused to leave the pitch.
Could just see the likes of our own overpaid, under talented and dim footballers being treated in the same way.

Maybe our refs could replac the red and yellow cards for pepper spray and a taser?

Read more:
Here it is in it's full glory:

Anyone who is interested in the presenter of that piece :
A baton round in the face might stop Drogba's diving, permanently!! :)
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