The correct tool for the job...

Ah yes indeedy.. the philosophy of the simple spanner monkey.  Was it Nietzhe who said "a person is defined by the When, the Where, the What, the Why and the Who"?
Ah voila:
 When is the Naafi break?
 Where is the Naafi?
 What do you want with your coffee?
 Why don't you have NATO like everyone else?
 Who? - always the junior Craftsman.
or perhaps there are other alternative interpretations of this concept....

(p.s. my apologies to Nietzhe, not only am I blatently lying but it is also obvious that I don't have a clue how to spell his name)
I came here thinking I would find out which Hammer was the best
I think you'll find the bigger the better...particularly for those steady handed Optronics boys!

I do remember a story about a brave VM using an incremental approach to the application of a hammer, i.e.: not using a sledge-type as his weapon (sorry, tool) of choice! That was soon verbally knocked out of him by the LAD Shop Steward.
3 tools no self respecting REME black hand gang member should be without.

1.   Variable Pressure Aplicator
2.    6" AFS (For Armrs) 12" AFS for VMs
3.    Leathermans or Gerber tool.


We managed to strip down a Rarden with just 2 Gerbers and 2lb Warrington...
Its nice to slag off a dying trade but think about what will be left!  useless Tiffies and the rest will have no time to do f*ck all cos we are to busy making the picture boards look pretty.
Surely picture boards are for the must have been knocking out Garrison BBQ stands and decking for the last couple of months?!  Oh, and by the way, my CO need a new set of candelabras to present to the Mess - anything anyone can do?  

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