The corps wiki

polar said:
The Corps wiki

I'm sure we have a few spotters willing to add some details about their units.
Yessss, i've added info on all the Corps trades. I've left the Supervisory roles for open comment, if we can find one capable of stringing together a coherent sentence :wink:

Yes, RS Op needed a little amendment as well!
boney_m said:
Amend all you like, i pasted it from the Corps website.

So did I but looks like 21 Sigs got put in the wrong Bde, I don't think they are in 2 Sig Bde??

Also think it could be fun to have an alternative trade description, with a rule you can't comment if its your trade. (silly little game I know)
I agree, although its factual we should put a certain slant of humour against any entry.

Especially Boneys User name.
Can't see 1 (UK) ADSR on the ORBAT.....simple mistake or wishfull thinking?
Ahhhhhhhhh I BFG units......DOH!

I`ll get my coat

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