The Corps Saves The Day (AGAIN!)

Well done 22, as well as all those others who've been aiding our civpop. As usual you're doing a bloody fine job.


(It wouldve been so easy to just turn up, park up, and wander towards a TV camera with a plackard..


Now that's a thought.. )
We were on standby to go to Guildford last night, despite there being a garrison at Aldershot, we were ready to move. Last minute cancelled, rear party from 36 going up to gloster to help out tomorrow, so might see some more sapper reports.

22 are also away on tour, so it may have only been a handful, and I don't see the logic in them travelling to South Yorkshire when you have 38 rippon up there who aren't on tour and can supply more men quicker.
good effort chaps.


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