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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PapaGolf, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Every month i pay a small amount into the Corps fund, something i was persuaded to do when i was a tom in Catterick. Now i don't mind paying into it, as its for a worthy cause. Or is it? Where does my money go? In the last 18 years i've only seen two changes in the museum.
    1. A very small cabinet with some desert kit in it. (A massive display to show our contribution in both Gulf Wars, Iraq afterwards and Afghanistan I must say) I've got more desert kit in me ******* garage!
    2. A huge hike in prices in the Museum shop and the Museum cafe.
    If i was 80 years old and lived up north, having saved what meagre pension the Government sends me, after waxing most of it on such luxuries as light and warmth, i save enough to pay for a trip dahn sahf to see the Museum so i can relive my wartime memories and show off a bit of Corps Heritage to the Grandkids, only to get ******* raped in the cafe for an egg banjo and a brew. Robbing bastards! When i went to the wholesalers i worked out, it costs 17 pounds for 45 quarter pound burgers and buns, and 150 slices of cheese. That works out if you sell 11 burgers for a quid 50 each, you are in profit. Notwithstanding cooking and staff costs obviously. 4 nicker for burger and a coke?, i should punch them in the face. Its not as if there is anywhere for people to sit and eat a packed lunch except the car park. I lost count the amount of times i've been in there and seen visitors, pensioners and civvies etc, go pale at the sight of the prices in the cafe and the shop. 30 quid for a plaque? ARE YOU ON GLUE!!!!
    If most serving members of the Corps are paying into the fund, WHERE THE **** IS OUR MONEY GOING? DO YOU NEED 4 PEOPLE WORKING IN THE MUSEUM SHOP? NO YOU DON'T!! ROBBING BASTARDS!!!!! GIVE US BACK OUR MONEY YOU *******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Why don't you whine to the Regimental Colonel face to face, I don't think he reads ARRSE.
  3. You know, i think i will, wheres my mobile? I've got him on spead dial. Prick
  4. However, i can understand in these times of economic hardship, the Corps is stepping up to help out alot of people, so kudos to them for that. More than happy to help out, and pay more where i can
  5. A few points:

    1. I thought a small percentage of contributions went towards the upkeep of the Corps Band, uniforms, instruments and such? (At least that's what I was told back in the dark ages.)

    2. Have to agree about the museum tho', every year when I attend the RSA weekend prices seem to have crept up a little more and £30.00 for a plaque is disgraceful.

    3. The Corps benevolent fund does great things for ex-members who have fallen on hard times or who are sick but to raise some much needed cash why not sell off some of the huge amounts of Mess silver that must be lying around in some dusty cellar. For example every Staffies course through the ages at Catterick donated some sort of silver when they left, 3 or 4 courses a year, 2 seperate courses, adds up to a lot of silver, where is it hiding? (I do intend to get my local RSA branch chairman to raise this at the next AGM.)
  6. Quality comeback from a mod. Is this the NAAFI? He's got a point. I'd have thought that this board being as quiet as a grave, you'd encourage debate.

  7. You should know that some of your "voluntary donation" goes next door to pay for the production of the Wire magazine. A magazine that, despite paying for it to be produced you must also buy if you want to read it.

    I find that a little hard to swallow.
  8. If you are a tight old git like me you wait till it's published on line and read it for free. The down side is the news is 2 months old but at my age it makes little

    BTW most recruiting offices get a couple of free copies, you could always pop in and ask for a free look.
  9. Ooh getting called a **** by natotattie, I would say its an achievement apart from the fact you copy and paste it in every thread you reply in.
  10. I just find not visiting either (and Blandford itself) keeps the outrage bus in the garage.
  11. The relay crew parked up for a brew and an egg banjo one day, when they returned they were told that they were now AS operators, so they promptly about turned to the clothing store for initial issue of handbags and sensible shoes, and haven't since been lost in the DCSA system
  12. Saw that only 3 weeks ago, still there, I wondered what it was doing there, the aerial is getting twatted banging against the roof when blown by the wind, agreed the stuff in the Museum is a bit overpriced, both PRI and Cafe, I only brought a couple of lower priced item that I thought would be useful, the rest, I get on Ebay or surplus shops.
  13. Don't believe the PRI gets a penny. Its all profit. They don't even sell the Corps Band CDs because they can't make profit off them.
  14. probably right there mate.

    Seems there is an issue that need to be addressed in an open meeting between the ORs, Sgts, SSgts and the RSM, such rumblings can't be good for encouraging esprit de corp, no pun intended.