The Corps in Inglourious Basterds

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ironrations, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Had a watch of Tarantinos new film tonight - fantastic. As an aside, Lt Archie Hicox appears wearing the Int Corps capbadge, (blacked out on a cabbage beret). Is this the only, showing of the corps on screen? What other books (fictional) or films do we make an appearance in?
  2. "Splash Party 7" circa 1985. Don't think you see any capbadges... maybe the odd rusty sheriff's badge ;)
  3. The Third Man, written by Graham Greene is set in Vienna just after the war.

    Several members of the Corps appear wearing their issue dufflecoats, they even get to play with guns!

    The Corps had a section there until 1955 IIRC. Never worked there myself though, but once had a pal who was an arms dealer there.

    He would like to meet you sometime. are you free next week?
  4. I thought he waqs as well, but I thought it was more a Royal Marine beret. Cracking film either way!
  5. [​IMG]

    Cabbage beret I was refering to was the RM/Commando one I thought!
  6. <spotter>Quite rightly so, the cypress green beret appeared from nowhere at all around 1978 or so. Blackened King's Crown cap badge is all to cock, as well - bronzed or Brown bakelite cap badge from the SD hat would have been accurate. Still, the BD is a good effort (albeit post-war pattern), although I'd wonder at the MC and the Africa Star.</spotter>
  7. Thats meant to be 1944, so would the africa star not be reasonable?
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Entirely reasonable, IMHO, and the battledress is also consistent, as a privately tailored officer type (which you can, of course, see from the collar lining etc).
  9. Ken Follett's The Key to Rebecca featured an Int Corps major doing things in WWII Egypt and I think Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Laurens van der Post) had an Int Corps officer in it.

    Of course, my work-in-progress, and predicted future best-seller, "TMA and Sub do 3 Shock Army" (subtitled "Carry On Up the Fulda Gap") will be the definitive Int Corps novel.
  10. The Army Estimates, every year since 1940?
  11. Some of you old and crusty (like me) might remember Dennis Potter and one of his many weird and wonderful plays that were dramatised for TV....

    Lipstick on your Collar and a young Ewan McGregor playing Pte Mick Hopper, a Russian Linguist in the Intelligence Corps.
  12. I think Sir will find that's a 46 or 47 BD - the fly front and pleated pockets with concealed buttons would have been OK with a Canadian BD - but they were a more green shade. The collar was designed to be stand-and-fall until around 1950, I think.

    My issue with the MC and Africa Star is that, if he's got them as a H/O officer and a Commando at that, he should probably be at least a Captain, especially if that's a little figure 8 on the ribbon.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Call me trainspotter-ish but... Gentlemen were encouraged to fork over for privately tailored battledress which was worn open, with a tie and with lined collar/lapels. P37 battledress had pleated pockets and concealed buttons, and officers would certainly have either had issue BD converted or had their own set made up. You may be confusing this with P40 'economy' BD which lost the pleats and had buttons on show to save time and materials.
  14. As played by Tom Conti. :wink:
  15. The Last Outpost (1935)

    is probably the earliest. However, I am sure that Bryan Forbes may know many more !

    TMA - FILM 2009