The Corps getting older!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SilsoeSid, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. As the 48th birthday of the Corps seems to have been and gone unnoticed, are there any plans to celebrate the 50th in style?

    May I be bold enough to suggest, 'Middle Wallop Air Show 2007' , in the fine tradition of how they used to be.
    (AACA tent, bridge across the A343, mass airmiss, trade stalls, HeliTech? and of course not forgetting Mr Blobby.)

    Hope you all had a good summer break!


    p.s 2007 - 007 - Little Nellie - !!!!
  2. i find it shocking that we as a corps do not have any special events on our birthday, unlike many other cap badges who celebrate their regimental birthdays with pride.
    We at wattisham had nothing not even a bbq!. i think it would be good if DAAVN made the 1st of sept a day of celebration for the whole corps?.
  3. have a look at this years journal for the 50th anniversary plans...sadly no Airshow.

    Lots of events that should bring the corps together tho....sailing, rock climbing (mountaineering) and um music in the air.

    Oh and some of you might yourselves stagging on at Buck House....
  4. Let's be honest we never really did do any thing on the Corps birthday. The only thing I can remember was being given the day off.

    I remember that a lot was done for the 25th including that vinegar they sold as wine. Oh sorry nearly forgot the record they released must have been popular I can't even remember what was on it. I'm sure the Director will arrange something, probably after he has consulted is father in law.
  5. That LP would be 'Army Airs' by 'Shiny Nine'.

    My copy is sitting silently up in the attic.
    Still waiting to be signed by Col. M. As I keep reminding him whenever we meet.

    Perhaps he could sign it for me at the Airshow?
  6. Middle Wallop Held a Birthday Parade, inclusive of a drumhead service and HAF flypast over the monument. Then on to the WOs & Sgts Mess for a toast led by DAAvn and onto the bar. The afternoon was a families day. It true however that we need to mark the event across the Corps, but we are not hte only offenders some other Corps are also amiss, we are getting there.
    As far as the 50th, there are many strands to the event as aluded to, Trooping the Guidon, pagent of the air and evening party. Not forget the projects Public Duties (should be a giggle), the lasting memorial, and a various aray of adventure training. Any decent sugestion would be consider for descusiion, unfortunately the days of the airshow seem to be a thing of the past, the old eagles rest was always a way to end the event.
  7. Sounds pretty Air Day-ish to me.

    Public duties could be car park attending, usually done very well by the ACF cadets if I remember correctly.

    How do you celebrate the Corps' 50th with adventure training??

    Orienteering back to the mess from the gym after a skinful??
    Climbing Abbots folly to locate the mess??
    Abseiling Abotts the folly to resume route to mess??
    Surviving a night in Knock Wood after getting lost in the orienteering????


  8. Well the adventure training is a bit more advanced than aluded to, by Sid. The sea option is to complete a round the world sail, with Regiments being allocated a leg, ie 9 Regt from Cape Town to Sydney ect. The land option is to climb the 50 alpine peaks. The air will run in line with the climbing using the AAC Balloon.
    As far as the Public Duties are concerned, being responsible for the Guarding of the 2 Royal Palaces in London and the Tower will be a massive challenge, but ultimately a great honour.
    Any constructive comments from serving or past members of the Corps would be appreciated.
  9. Round the world sail would only be for the select few from each Regt. Same with the balloon. Royal duties is an excellent idea, and I for one think it will be great to see the Corps on stag outside a Royal residence, but again, I can see quite of few of the lads and lasses shin-fing about drill/guard duties etc.

    What I would truly like to see happen would be another MW air show. This would also allow ex-members to attend and celebrate, as I don't foresee myself being allowed as a civvie to sail from Cape Town to Sydney!

    But whatever happens I’m sure it will be an exciting time for serving personnel.
  10. I agree, Gunny, something should be done for us Cold-War vets to have a shindig and remind all the young-uns what tremendous sacrifices we made for their freedom.

    I'd like to attend an Air Day where I hadn't been stiffed for rigging-up portaloos, waving at visiting aircraft, putting up poles and string in the car-parks, cutting grass, etc.

    Come on the Corps, even if it's just a beer & bratty tent and the HAF, give us a piss-up, we won't embarrass you.

  11. Lordy, you just summed up my MWAS 88!

    How hard would it be for DAAC (or whoever is in the driving seat at the mo) to arrange a MWAS 07? Wouldn't even have to have an international theme, just a celebration of the Corps past and present, a beer tent complete with BBQ and a couple of fly pasts by the AAC trailing smoke, crab fast jets and RN harriers flying backwards.

    As an afternote, I'll always remember MWAS 88 for the night life. The gym was converted into a bar, and serving beer most nights was this mega fit PTI girlie wearing a tight-white t-shirt and netball skirt. Made getting up each morning with a banging hangover and refuelling urde-girde foreign aircrew just a little better.
  12. MWAS '88 - halfway through a pilots course and everything stopped! The same thing happened in '82 during my crewmans course.

    My abiding memories (non-drink related) were of spending a day putting up posts and string for the car park, under the supervision of some B.A.T, only to have him come round and say he wanted all the string to be the same colour, and all the posts (actually half-logs) to have their flat side facing the same direction. Cnut.

    I got my own back later in the afternoon - he'd set up a row of about a dozen turdis' despite me telling him I was going to put a USN Sea King in front of them and the cab would be short-finals over the bogs. Would he listen? Would he fcuk! Result? - downwash blew the lot over.

    So to whomsoever runs the Army Agricultural College these days, lets have another one.
  13. Gents all your request have been noted by those here at MW and those over at DAAVn. The day I hpe will be what you have been asking for, less the title MWAS. It will be open to all serving and those who have served in the AAC. The day will start with a drumhead service and the opening of the new 50 year monument(pictured in this years journal). Followed by a trooping of the Guidon and air display, fly past, apaches, b Eagles ect ect. A hugh AAC beer tent, Regimental marques and BBQs and a party that evening centred around the AACA tent with rock band. PS we in the Corps have ten fold more young ladies serving that back in 88, if thats what is going to pull in the crowd.
  14. Cracking, better book an amubulance and a bed with a stomach pump then :D
  15. By the Power of Arrse! A result. Thanks Luke, keep us updated will you, please?