The Corps Badge is Watching you

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. I was reliably informed today that the Badge was instructed recently to look at the Aviation site on arrse to see what was happening out in the real world, and to see if anything could be achieved by reading some of the posts. So people I propose that we send him posts at regular intervals and see what here goes.
    1. What should a civvy call you if he meets you in a camp?
    2. Can you get my mates window fixed in the mess at Wattisham, its been broken since early 04?
    3. Can you ensure the bar at the Army Navy game doesn't run out of beer....again?
    Cheers you bludger.
  2. it's so crazy, it might just work... :)
  3. I would like to ask him, "can you recover the 1962 Porche 1911 T(yellow in colour), that was last seen buried under six other cars in the, 'on camp' scrap yard in Hildesheim around 1983?

    Only it would be worth alot of money now. :)
  4. Might want to scan his eye on Pprune.

    There was a real bitch about AH pilot's handbags earlier today, but I think it's been pulled by the mods. Something about needing a real handbag for lippy, gum, condoms etc. Don't want it getting into the hands of the AQT Style Police !

    I reckon they should head down to Doncaster on a Thursday night. Plenty of handbags to nick.
  5. I would like to ask him lots of questions about Australia but i reckon i'd get better answers from my dog, 'cause he watched neighbours once.
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Guys, just a point to note for those still serving. Some of you have joined and your email address's don't leave much to the imagination in guessing who you are.

    I know these aren't visible to most people but they are to some, may I humbly suggest you amend this especially if the fun police are watching / lurking

    If the Corps RSM wishes to see input on the forum which would be beneficial to those serving, Assosiation members or possible future recruits I am happy to for him to contact me and will see what I can do to accomodate.
  7. As I understand it the man in question is currently setting up a site for Corps Mess members. Therfore I do suspect that he is aware of arrse and the internet.
  8. I think you'll find that not only does the Big Badge Man read the forum, he also posts occasionally, especially when Sam is talking crap! Most of the Head Shed are aware of Arrse, it gets briefed annually at the RSM's convention amongst other grand get togethers. 8)
  9. In that case then


    Even if it was 20 Years ago.

    L/Cpl Wally... Hmmmmm

    Perhaps not
  10. Can I ask him "why we don't celebrate the Corps birthday each year?" I know we have big plans for 2007 but why isn't there some form of celebration in place every year?
  11. Off thread for a mo, but has any details been released ref next years bash?
  12. For Muttly:

    2007 is our big day but we do hold a birthday event here at Middle Wallop every year. Church service, Open Day and All ranks party in the evening. Some of the other Regiments are now starting to follow suit and hopefully it is growing. You are more that welcome here at home.

    For Gunny.

    The preparations are going well, but the plan is yet not completed. The adventure training starts with the Around the World Sail soon which has been well supported, we just need a little bit more sponsorship monies.
    The climb the alps challenge is planned but we are still on the lookout for willing volunteers.
    Public duties will be conducted in the first 3 weeks of May 07.
    The memorial is coming on at strength with all the design finished and we are now working on the art work. Any suggestions as to the theme of the Ni panel or Kosovo would be handy. I will post some examples soon.
    The Salisbury light (stained glass window) design is complete and now with the cathedral fabric Commission once finished it will resided adjacent to the GPR window in the west wing.
    The event will commence with a dedication of the memorial by someone important " maybe you would be available". Followed by trooping the Guidon and onto the pagent of Army Aviation, some ground events some air.
    Most importantly the evening, I am hoping to establish accommodation, book it turn up a bed some where to hag the clothes, buy an appropriate cheap white T shirt with logo for you history (669 Coyote 655 Scotish horse ect) and join in the fun in the Marquees, each with a bar and a tent focus, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 Regts and the rest. Centred arround a stage with some appropriate entertainment. Any other ideas more than welcome.
    As soon as the plan is firmed up I will brief you. :p
  13. Hold on Sam had some valid points as well
    1. What should a civvy call you if he meets you in a camp? If we have history Mate hopefully, if he is out anything he wants we are all equal after all.
    2. Can you get my mates window fixed in the mess at Wattisham, its been broken since early 04? As you stated this has been an ongoing issue for a long period of time, that said the current Propman has submitted wide ranging works for consideration by the budgeters and then Prime, if successful I believe many of the minor works could be completed in short order. Additionally the two RSMs have been working tirelessly to ensure the fabric of the mess is improving, much credit to them.
    3. Can you ensure the bar at the Army Navy game doesn't run out of beer....again? Well I agree the beer did run out two years ago but not last year. Twickenham experience put the problem down to the fact that we took over from the RAC in that bar and that their stock orders reflected the usage in 2003. This has now been well reminded and they are well aware that the AAC are a bunch of drunken louts and the beer is full to the gunnels. This years Bar is the Debentures bar in the North Stand level 5.
  14. Thanks for the info Luke. Any updates on here and on PPrune for those of us on the outside would be appreciated.