The Corporals Mess- Should you be aloud to "Opt Out&quo

I belive as I think a great many will agree that the mess should be an institution reserved for when we reach the dizzy heights of becoming a senior n.c.o
As an infantry full screw I find mess meetings are designed to vote in the purchase "shiny things" of the R.S.M's own choosing (portraits,silver,crap regimental stuff etc)
Mess functions are backward and run again by the R.S.M and seem to be his "ball game" and not really the place I wish to take my wife.
Paying in excess of £500 for mess dress is disgusting and when a lot of us get little time with our wives, family etc ,I would rather go for a private night out with my missus than be forced to go to a compulsory function with my wife or face being charged or given extras for keeping my marriage afloat.

I know some of the guys enjoy a knees up but why not let us have the choice.

You need to get hold of your Mess Cttee. Noone is going to tell you it's a deomcracy (none of them are), the daddy, whether it be the RSM or the CO, will always have the final say. But if you don't speak up / get a gang of your fellow screws together to put a point forward, then you can't whinge really.

Surely your mess-kit doesn't change from the Cpls' to the Sgts' Mess, so it should last.

And as for attending Mess functions, well they are just part and parcel of life in the Army, just the same as mounting guard etc. Let's face it it's not like they are every weekend.

Remember. the Cpls' Mess is potentially one of the most powerful bodies within your Bn, just look at how mant members you have. You are probably also the richest Mess. It is your money, so think of something you, or your fellow members want, and propose it at a meeting. Just make sure your mates are prepared to back up your cause in any discussion....RIGHT GOOD CO???
The Cpls Club (there are only two messes!) is seen as a stepping stone into the Sgts Mess. To introduce some formal dinners and functions and is meant to provide a separate place for NCOs to socialise from the toms/jocks. It SHOULD be somewhere you enjoy going with your wife or partner. It is your club that you and your fellow NCOs are paying fees into. No I don't think you should get a choice about opting out, but you should get a big choice in the type of functions you have etc.
I take it you have a committee and a suggestions book.

Very surprised you have to buy mess kit! That is bang out of order unless you are in some household or cavalry mess??!!
We had an RSM who thought he also ran the Cpls Mess. We decided to not vote for a couple of his suggestions. Mess Dress being one of them.

Did he like it, no. I think most of the committee got a few extras and an interview without coffee over it...but it worked. He climbed down over the ideas and let us run it.

If you don't like the suggestion during Mess meetings, stick your mit up and get yourself counted. Of course you may stick out like a Dogs obvious but at least you get the point made. The Army is supposed to make men from boys. Be a man.

was the Cpls mess invented by a fat 20 year Cpl who knew he wasnt going to make it to the real mess?
sounds like a crap idea to me, good way of ripping off JNCOs though, making them buy a mess kit and pay mess bills.
Ard-Elly-o said:
The Cpls Club (there are only two messes!)
That's certainly not the case in my Regiment, where the Cpls' Mess is a seriously powerful body (probably the richest), and which is treated with respect by those outside.

As for Mess Kit, most of those I asked enjoyed being able to wear it. Although clearly it wasn't to everyone's taste.
Funny old thing, I was once informed that the rank of Cpl was the first step onto the management ladder. The Cpls Mess was established so that the junior managers could escape from shop floor inorder to chunter and relax away from those they manage.


im staggered at the cost of a mess dress , isn't there a way of getting it much cheaper like £100 or less , why does it have to be so expensive ?
The Cpls Mess - lets face it, its an old fashioned institute that is regularly attended by those who have no life and are happy letching at the NAAFI staff that run the bar on a saturday night. Where would you rather be on a weekend - strangled to death by your mess kit at some boring function where if you get too loud you are stared at by the RSM, or forgetting about the army for the weekend and enjoying yourselves with your mates and missus at a decent restaurant followed by a top brand club.... think about it.
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