The coppers whatever you think of them are rather good

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. I had a bad night last night. It ended up with a helicopter, two ARVs at the house and another load of coppers at my old house, with another helicopter.

    Two things to add to the pot (and I don't need any 'feel with you Bro' shite).

    Number one. India 99 was crap. They kept flying over me and then going off to look a long way off.

    Number two. The coppers who dealt with me were fantastic. You lot take the piss out of them, rather like the RAF but they really are first class and you should doff your miserable hats to them. One had done Boz, the armed lot looked like a Ross Kemp convention, although they were all a lot slimmer.

    And I suppose I let them off an evening stopping spackers from robbing the local Lidl. But it must have cost a fair bit.

    But they were superb professional and prepared to give me the time of day.

    Hats off.

    End ex.

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  2. They must have been Kent Police. I've heard that they're the best.
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  3. Kent police the finest in the land.
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  4. And to think, we just have friends round for pasta! You're so ghettolicious!
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  5. As long as you are OK mate that's all that matters. Glad the guys did you proud.

    And yes, they were probably Kent Police.

    PS; Please refrain from using the words 'Police' and 'RAF' in the same sentence. Or I'll send the boys round. You have been warned!
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  6. I've heard about these Kent Police people, rather good aren't they?
  7. Their former chief, Mike Fuller, is accredited as being the best chief constable since sir Robert Peel.
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  8. Wind up or not, You can **** right off with that!
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  9. CO ATU (SE) is one of that lot, and carries.

    Top, top bloke
  10. Spoilsport.
  11. Three "kent police" in a row and has anyone seen BoingyFruit appear yet
  12. They weren't Kent police. South Gloucester as it goes. Same pikey sort of place. But they were brilliant. The helo was hopeless and as I mentioned, the ARV chaps looked like a Ross Kemp boy band but they were first class. Question for coppers: why do you all buy your own boots? I look at them and see hundreds of quids worth of shoeing. Like the Apes and Oakleys.

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  13. what the hell did you do\was done to you for that turnout anyways?
  14. Boots aren't issued mate, you have to buy your own (and shoes) from day 1. And they were Kent Police, they were just in disguise! But well done to South Gloucester