The contrast between Eastern and Western religions

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. This is something I find very interesting indeed.

    It would appear from my amateur but extensive research efforts that the Western religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) largely concentrated their efforts to subjugate folks on the premise that sex and sexuality were somehow “dirty” and “debased” and as such to be forbidden, except under very special circumstances that they exclusively dictated and changed as they saw fit.

    In contrast, the Eastern religions (Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism etc) accepted and embraced sex and sexuality as a basic and essential element of the human condition and rejoiced in it. It was only much later in the development of these Eastern religions that they became "infected" with the perverted and hostile "Christian" views and began altering their attitudes.

    I’d be interested in other views on this.

  2. The Pre- Christian religions in the West didn't have a problem with sex... see the Druids & Beltane etc.

    Maybe it's because the "big 3" originated in the hotter regions where there was little water, so no washing after - made things smell a bit "fishy", so they decided it was dirty?! Oh well, only a thought! :oops:
  3. Hmmm, I'm more interested to find out why certain elements from Western culture and religion seemed to have rubbed off on indigenous people in far away countries and others haven't.

    Why did the "get your f*cking act together" failed to penetrate their culture and mentality? Or the "sort you garbage problem out to increase better living standards" attitude? Or the "work your arrse off to find out tell tale signs about possibly going to heaven" belief?

    They all seem to be very selective about the influences foreign interaction should have on their cultures and religions.
  4. Quick Reply:
    As far as I understand it the Jewish religion still embraces the idea that sex is healthy and families are enjoined to participate. The problem comes that on certain days or times the woman is classed as unclean depending on the cycle, i.e so many days after menstruation. This certainly used to be the case, I don't really know how modernity has affected that.

    Early Christianity reflected that ideal also as Jesus was Jewish, and in fact is on occasion described as Rabbi. Early Christianity is markedly different from the modern version and its world view was much more in line with pagan thought, which treats sex as part of a healthy loving process.
    The concept of sex as grubby came at a later date after thinkers such as Augustine saw that a personal retreat from the physical realities would be a personal benefit. (I will have to check this one) Then the (politicised) Catholic church realised that a certain level of control could be established by saying that sex should only be in marriage in order to control via the confessional. Also by applying the concept of original sin, which is a later idea then women could be relegated from the essentially equal role they had in the early days.
    In short sex as political control and assuring that a mysoginist church structure would be maintained.

    Other religions, as did our ancestors see sex as forming part of the creative process and is a way of experiencing a deeper form of love if your partner is your life-partner.
    The modern abrahamic religions are in fact an anomaly, and I believe that history will see them as such.

    For a healthy attitude to it all try googling Tantra and Tantric sex, will try to provide a link later.
  5. Also Bugsy, as a quick look at the lives of the popes will show, an aversion to sex is actually a rather recent phenomenon in Catholicism.

    In fact, its locus is Ireland, where Jansenist Catholic puritanism was disseminated across the country from Maynooth from the mid-19th C on...
  6. Bugsy, in your extensive research you have certainly come across this:
  7. Another perspective is that Western societies are individualist with religions providing a focus for collective thought and activity, whereas Eastern societies tend to be collectivist with religions providing emotional space for the individual. Perhaps this is where sex enters (fnarr) the Eastern religious field?
  8. Song of Solomon - the sex book in the bible? 8)

    Jesus used the metaphor of 'marriage' throughout his ministry 'the bride (church) and the groom (him)'; Jesus' mission was 'relationship'... but faithful relationships... but top bonking was in the design brief of the creator - that equipment didn't just happen you know :wink:

    Dwarf is bang on re the religionisationism of Christianity... :D
  9. Surely Christianity, Judaism and Islam are eastern religions (Ok middle east maybe) they just happen to have taken off in more places that the places where they originated.
  10. Speaking of Eastern "religions":

  11. All three of the monotheistic religions have far more to say about wealth and the treatment of the vulnerable than they do about sex. An awful lot of the sex stuff (in Christianity at least) came with some of the church fathers in the 3rd and 4th century. They seem from their writings to have had "issues" about girls, similar to the other two monotheisms. The discussions fo wealth were largely overlooked as the church became wealthy.
  12. Found the links from another thread.
    Try looking at these and thinking sex is unhealthy.

    You MUST get your lass to watch the first video, but only after you have watched the second.
    Tantric approach to massaging the male genitals

    massaging the female genitals
  13. Ascribing any sort of credibility to a belief in pixies of whatever colour or origin is asinine.
    I'd be happy to fuck an elf, though.