The Contract (With M Freeman and J Cusack)

Mr Happy

Starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack "The Contract" tells the story of mercenary team that is out assassinating people in the US. It is a little Lefty in its promise that mercs are assassins point of view but leaving that aside Mr Freeman comes across as a nice enough guy in the end. The Dept of Homeland Security murderous Nazi's and Cusack as a good ol' Dad and 'educator' (that's American for Teacher).

Movie is good, one of Freeman's better outings though his acting requirements were hardly pushed. The basic concept was bad guy is arrested and almost escapes. Cusack and son run with him as their prisoner through the wilds of Washington State pursued by deadly killers who one by one fall to Cusacks luck with weaponry.

It sounds cornier than it is and if you fancy a movie with a bit of gun action that the Mrs will watch then I recommend it. Its also accurate and there are very very few gaffs or errors with it so the **** retentive will relax and enjoy it.

I didn't really rate this film to be honest. It was watchable, but could've been a lot better.
I agree it was okay but not great. Like both actors, and prefer John Cussack in Gross Point Blanc (good soundtrac by the way).

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