The continued state of accom - BBC News article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. BBC News at Ten, has just broadcast an update on the article from January 2007. Again, pictures of disgraceful real estate, and interviews with two wives.

    The comment was made that the covenant is still not being met, by HMG.

    On the day, that I listen in detail to the £2,400 per annum that MP's can now spend on their second properties, I ask this question;

    Would any MP be prepared to give up their second property to a military family, surviving the kind of property shown, whilst the army family's house is refurbished?

    Simple enough?
  2. Of course not, they might smell or not fit in with the neighbours, nasty sweary military types, they'll ruin the rug.
  3. The BBC are planning a big campaign on this subject and are touting for juicy quotes around the bazaars.

    Quite tempted, actually... :D
  4. Say what you're thinking Proximo.

    This is a continued national disgrace, maybe some photos here of Iraqi Army accomadation in Southern Iraq, might focus attention on priorities.
  5. Some pictures of the inside of prisons compared to some accom should put the pollys to shame.
  6. ... and the entire House took one pace forward...

    ...NOT! :x

    edited to ask if there's a link please?
  7. Should be up in about 10 minutes. BBC News Channel will be replaying the article throughout the next 24 hours.

    It will be interesting to see which newspapers will hold HMG to account - get the photographers on the ground Subs!

    Will post a link, when one appears.
  8. Problem with Aunty Beeb, is that its a bit of a monster for getting the message to the right person.

    Now, if any ARRSEr felt strongly enough to go to the following web-site:

    BBC Webpage - Index of BBC local radio stations

    The ARRSEr might be able to drop an email, call the station, and inform them of any perticularly bad examples the ARRSEr (or betrothed, partner, etc. Be DIN aware), might like to inform them of. If nothing else, you could just call your local BBC Radio station and tell them that you support the BBC in broadcasting the item.

    Of course, any ARRSEr who isn't enduring the conditions firsthand, might just like to contact their MP.

    ... It will take two minutes to email your MP.

    Link to They Work For You dot com

    You might like to remind your MP of the Military Covenant - I've posted it below, purely for ease of copy and paste:

    Source: BBC Religion and Ethics
  9. Thanks.

    £2400 a year per MP (err... how many MP's in total?), or are there some that "opt out"? :?
    You could do a lot of refurbishing if you told the equivalent number of pads they could have up to £2400 to make their MQ hovel a home... oh but we live in the real world don't we, & it just won't happen! :roll:
  10. BAFF can also help with this issue. Shortly after our launch we featured the RAF married quarters at Carterton, Brize Norton on our website and I mentioned them on the Today programme. Rebuilding is now at last under way, according to latest MOD media release.

    We have also invited those living in the worst SLA to consult us in confidence about possible legal action: the same could apply to SFA.

    'Squaddies may sue over MOD slums'
  11. AB2006 - what's worse is you're out by a factor of 10

    MPs get up to £24,000pa to maintain a second property. This allowance includes mortgage repayments and other relevant upkeep (including cleaning!) as well as items from the 'John Lewis' list. Still at least they're thinking of reforming the allowance system (just not about giving themselves any less cash). See below:

    BBC News

    So, come on then - who'll vote me in? I can promise great parties at my second pad in London as long as the rest of the tax paying public will pay my mortgage!
  12. There have been BBC journalists banging about the site tonight....
  13. Bit of an optimist aren't you?
  14. Searched this morning... is this BBC News the one you mentioned? Or is there something else?