The Conservatives will not have an absolute majority. Why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 7, 2010.

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  1. The Conservative party has not new, fresh ideas

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  2. The Tories are regarded as a party of the rich

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  3. Insufficient support in Scotland, Wales and NI

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  4. Other parties are too strong

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  5. Weak leadership of mr.Cameron

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  6. Mistakes in the electoral campaign

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  7. Mr.Brown is too popular

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  8. Defects in the British electoral system

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  1. The Conservatives have not an absolute majority. What is the main cause?
  2. Failed to offer a vote on European Superstate?
  3. I could tick 3 of those options!

    Weak Leadership, the Cameron/Osborne/Gove leadership does nothing for me.
    Insufficient Support in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
    Mistakes in the Electoral Campaign, largely as a result of weak campaign in Scotland
  4. Agree with most of that excpet the campaign in Scotland bit. They could campaign from now til dooms day and they will not get a majority in Scotland with 4 parties battling for the votes
  5. Because there's no fire in the man - just lots of smoke. Thirteen years of an open goal and the Tories haven't even taken a shot. In fact they've colluded with Labour policy for most of those years. This election should've been a rout when one considers Labour's record.

    If Cameron really wanted that door key all he had to do was offer immediate withdrawal from the EU - and all it entails (immigration, Human Rights etc.) and restore grammar schools and the death penalty for paedos. Troops out of the pit would've gone down well too. What did we get instead? A new logo, backpedalling on Lisbon, mong mission statements and even more mongy soundbytes like 'Hug a Hoodie' and 'I'm the heir to Blair'. Yes matey... you are. And therein lies the fcuking problem.
  6. I see. However what is on the first place? Oh... I see.
  7. Cameron could have been a lot more forceful - as could the entire Conservative campaign.
    I'm happy that Lincoln has a Conservative MP now instead of the horses head that had a 100% vote on policies over the last 13yrs and SFA interest in Lincoln.
    I voted via postal, it works here, I'm in the drilling industry so never know where I am. Brother failed to vote due to flight delays in Jockistan...................
  8. You forgot a deliberate polcy for the last 13 years of gerrymandering. As a result a Labour MP can win a seat with fewer votes than a Tory MP.
  9. I appreciate that this may come as a bit of a shock to our Soviet counterpart but:

    because not enough people voted for them in constituencies where it mattered.

    Now, why that happened is a matter for endless debate.
  10. Much simpler than all of that.

    1. Many Labour seats are in areas that people would rather saw off their own feet with a rusty bread knife than vote Tory.

    2. 1 in 5 of the working population works for the State, many in jobs that have been created under Labour and many that would more-than-likely be cut under a Tory Government.

    3. Some 3-4 million of the adult population is on benefits.

    and finally,

    4. Many are just to thick, or plain stubborn, to be able to see past the end of their nose to work out that a Labour led Super-Nanny- State that's funded by an ever decreasing amount of new money earners just isn't sustainable without the introduction, or increase, of even more stealth taxes that are ultimately paid by those that can least afford them, i.e. the mongs that keep voting for them as they [Labour] keep filling them full of shite that the rich must pay..

    The only thing that a big state government succeeds at is making a big state full of blinded and easily led mongs...
  11. It is not a shock at all. Moreover, I agree with this observation. But hardly it is not a correct answer I believe.

    So why enough people did not vote for the Conservatives in constituencies where it mattered?
  12. Because unlike United Russia, they didn't fiddle the count blind.

  13. EXACTLY!!
  14. So the Conservatives should closely look into electoral technologies that the United Russia uses.

    First of all, the Tories should find own 'Putin' - a man with military background who speak using expressions understandable for ordinary people, decisive, sharpminded.

    By the way, Russia is a PACE member and Russian legislators from the United Russia are in the same group as the Conservatives.

    The United Russia is also a defender of the rich and especially super rich. However, using polittechnoligies it successfully fools ordinary Russians.