The Conservatives and Muslims ,do they mix?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Indian slags off Muslims shocker.
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  2. Lucky for her she's not white.
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  3. Its a hindu vs those filthy muslim hordes thing white people are exculded :(

    Personally I blame the empire telling the would be leaders of pakistan to **** off would have saved countless lives there are still more muslims in india than a suppoused muslimstate of pakistan.
    It would be like allowing norfolk UDI and nuclear weapons and a horde of military kit to threaten rhe rest of the UK with:(
    Norfolk we need nukes to prevent the seizure of thetford are natinal treasure
    Rest of the Uk **** you mentalists.
  4. Why restrict it to conservatives? nobody mixes with Muslims. They are a bunch of disturbed loonies who have absolutely no intent for integration whatsoever except for the spiel they feed to the brainwashed left-wingers at immigration. Labour only mix with the muslims because they can see that they stick together, so as long as they continue to spoon feed them benefits and good treatment, the entire (and growing) muslim population will vote Labour en masse.

    People moan about the eastern european mob, but at least they tend to take normal jobs, live in normal areas, shop in normal shops, and enjoy normal pastimes (normal meaning, typically associated with the UK). The Muslim population however are intent on nothing but complete segregation as they set up camp in their own areas and demand their own facilities for pastimes, shopping and welfare.

    The problem is not restricted to the right wing. The left wing parties may go some way to entertain the desires of the Muslims, but the word 'mix' suggests good intent from both sides, and beyond voting for them every election to keep the good shit coming, the muslims have no intention whatsoever of willingly cooperating, integrating or mixing with the British population.
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  5. What utter drivel, do you think we could run the NHS without Muslim staff? Don't suppose you've any Muslim friends, I do.
  6. Yes, if you cut out all the dancing lessons for fatties, unnecessary treatments etc.

    But that wasn't really the issue. The issue is that he simply detests all Muslims for some reasons of his own, unlikely to be logical or well thought through.
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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  8. I'm not sure his thought proccesses are anyway, shape or form near normal.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Most Muslims I know are complete, utter and true conservatives. Whether or not they are Conservative supporters, well that's a different thing.

    If there is a problem in certain 'communities' then it is a tribal/cultural problem, rather than a genuinely religious one - postal voting fraud, and voting as the Big Family Boss tells you aren't a Muslim problem, but happen in groups that are laregly muslim - still, it's not the same thing.
  10. It's good that you don't stereotype or generalise, it's one of my favourite things about you.
  11. J, you owe me ;-)
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  12. I've told him a million times not to exaggerate.
  13. Every single Muslim is on benefits? I don't believe it, we have quite a few Muslims in my unit and none of them are on benefits and they tend to fit in quite well with our culture.

    According to the 2001 census this is the break down of religions in the UK

    • Christian: 72.0%
    • Muslim: 3%
    • Hindu: 1%
    • Sikh: 0.6%
    • Jewish: 0.5%
    • Buddhist: 0.3%
    • Any other religion: 0.3%

    I seriously doubt that all the Muslims living in the UK are claiming benefits and I seriously doubt they all vote Labour.
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  14. I visited Bradford yesterday for the first time in a lot of years (went to the media museum/IMAX), I already knew the place had a high asian population but was still suprised by just how much. Happens I do have some muslim friends so am well aware they aren't all bad, as Jarrod says the NHS relies heavily on them and the ones I've experienced when I've had surgery were bloody good at their jobs and I was well looked after. There was a lot of the unfriendly looking bearded variety about in Bradford though, not sure how they all vote without looking it up and how many of them are actually working, but I assume somebody is staffing all the curry houses and Sari shops!