The Confessions of Gordon Brown

Ah if only. But it is play (well a monologue) at the Edinburgh Festival.

Edinburgh Festival 2013: 'Gordon Brown had the malevolence of Macbeth, the madness of King Lear' - Telegraph

“He had a touch of Richard II, the malevolence of Macbeth, the madness of King Lear and the indecisiveness of Hamlet, all mixed together. "

Quite amusingly this will also be on in Brighton during the Labour Party conference:

".....but the playwright found himself unable to promote the show in the conference magazine. The advertising spaces offered him mysteriously became more financially restrictive until, as he says, “the only space left was one of the full pages – the sort of EDF nuclear power slot – at over £6000. I doubt that even if we had pursued that option that we would have been allowed to buy space in their mag. It clearly was an act of censorship that is both childish and pathetic.”
Insinuating Cyclops was anything but a Saint around his home constituency got me some... inventive threats when I had an ex in Fife and said I thought he was a tool in a local pub.

Yes, she did have double the usual number of toes and glowed in the dark, why do you ask?

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