The condition of equipment issued.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by INT_QRM, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Any chance any of you out there in the world of stores can offer some guidance,

    I am growing a little sick of being offered use kit by the stores personnel, and worst than that new recruits being issued used boots, and CS95 that is clearly used.

    My question is, what is the line on the condition of kit that can be issued. And what should soldiers do in the event they are offered second kit, that they are unhappy with. Or is this just the way it is ?
  2. Does your used kit have 5 names crossed out on it!?

    Well in the Canadian Military that is what happens. 6 times outta 10.
  3. As far as i am aware this should not happen, any fabric that is worn next to the skin should be disposed of.

    Boots should not be re-cycled because the mould to each wearers foot and the way we pronate.

    I may be wrong and await correction.

    It may be worthwile checking JSP 336 or speak to the BOWO. I wouldn't speak to the QM's as if they are giving you this crap they will only fob you off.
  4. You are correct, skin contact clothing should not be re-used. This is the reason the RAF has to spend so much money supporting the Air Cadet organisation. We can't give them what used to be known as PWS (part worn serviceable) anymore.

    Boots especially should not be re-issued. Obviously a sprog coming in the door doesn't know or is willing to challenge breeches of these regs but a long in tooth solider should be.

    I'll have a scan in the JSP today to see if I can find the line and verse for you.
  5. I think the only second hand kit i've been issued is a water bottle pouch. Everything else has been brand spanking new.
  6. Brand new kit is condition A1 stock

    When someone hands kit in it is set as condition ZZ, then the QM conditions it as either A2 (reuse-able) or E0 (for disposal)

    If your Military then when issued it look at the IV paperwork and it will tell you the condition of the stock
  7. Many thanks for your replies,


    The chapter and verse would be usefull, that way its easier to argue against.


    When kit is signed for I`ve only ever seen the 1157, Would this condition paper work be readly available in a sub unit store, possibly on unicom. Does this apply to clothing or just webbing helmets etc. And would the local SQMS decide on condition of kit recieved or would need backloading to the QM/RQ before this happens.

    It just seems wrong that soldiers receiving their first ever issue are given old kit, and I was offered a pair of boots that were not only used, but also caked in mud :wtf:


    Sorry mate thats rough,
  8. Kit returned to the QMs should be conditioned as either serviceable new, serviceable part worn or unserviceable, and next to skin items are always to be conditioned as unserviceable. Part worn kit can be reissued, so long as it is serviceable, but it must be laundered before its returned to stock. Boots if lightly worn with no moulding to the feet can also be reissued, but must be cleaned before returning to stock. See the link, page 40 paras 1002-5.
  9. 1157 is available throught your SQMS dept ask for a copy its easy enough, ask for a general commodity parameter and u'll get all your personal holding print.

    when returning kit the system automatically sets condition ZZ, the QM (is meant to) reconditions the kit to A2 or E0, and he can do this without it leaving your unicom system, as u probally hold child account settings.
  10. So what about helmets then?

  11. Next to skin item, plus could be damaged, hell mine was being hit with "singing shovel" in training, not changed it yet :)
  12. Boots can be re-used.

    1003. Footwear.
    a. Boots. All types of boots are to be conditioned as serviceable if they have had only light wear and no moulding to the feet has occurred. Boots conditioned as serviceable part worn are to be cleaned before being returned to stock.

    as can other items of uniform.

    1005. Next to skin items. Part-worn personal issue socks, drawers and vests are to be conditioned as unserviceable. Other items are to be laundered before returning to stock.

    From JSP 336 at
  13. 403. The following documents are used in accounting for personal public clothing:
    a. Binder - Stationary Office supplied binder.

    Presumably because the Stationery Office doesn't move?

  14. i heard a rumour that certain items of kit are no longer gona be exchanged but instead taken off ya repaired and then given back therefore you being diffy kit untill it is repaired , webbing pouchs was the example i was given. any truth in that?
  15. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You get.... Kit issued?

    What is this wonderous, magical, enchanted place of which you speak? Doth faeries fritter to and fro amongst the sparkly lights? Doth Pixie dust fall gently from the starlight skies to cover the Gnomes in their glitter?

    Because I sure as **** have never been there.

    Our Store is constantly being inspected and thus shut, or stock-taked, and thus shut, or cleaned, and thus shut, or taking deliveries and thus shut, or he's gone for a doctors appointment and thus shut, or he's just made a brew and thus shut, or he's just opened and is thus shut.

    Always ******* shut.

    I'm almost walking around with binbags on my feet and a sack over my top it's been that long since I got exchanges.