The Conceptual Contract and Unlimited Liability

Just been on that exciting course known as JOLP and studied the idea of the Conceptual Contract.

Now as we all know, civvys get a contract with everything written down, pay, working hours, what they're expected to do and so forth. We get our Terms of Service which specify how long you're employed for, but that's about it.

The unspoken rule is that we are expected to do everything, including putting ourselves in harms way, that the Army asks of us. In return the Army does all those bits that civillian employers don't do, provide housing, food, fly you back for compassionate cases and so on. With a fair few recent casualties we seem to be keeping our end of the bargin but are the Army?

I'm interested to know what other ARRSErs think. Is the Chain of Command keeping their end of the deal in return for all that we do? From what I've seen in my time we're really good at things like training and compassionate cases but pretty poor at pay, admin and housing matters. What could the CofC improve upon?

Any thoughts?
Yes we all hear of compassionate cases etc. What the MoD are apalling at is supporting those injured troop who end up with a medical discharge due to service, and dont say the veterans agency are there to support as they dont, people have to fight them to get what they deserve. More post service support is required.

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