The concept of monarchy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fish-head, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. I will admit Rolf Harris painting HM The Queen is not my ideal television viewing but this strangely addictive programme got me thinking about the whole idea of monarchy. A phrase used by one of the other artists about the lack of vanity when painting the Royals, or their self-discipline, in not worrying about the size of their nose in a painting, compared to captains of industry posed a few questions.

    I am sure this probably isn't the forum for open debate on the Royal Family, but the idea of having someone who is above the sordid business of politics with natural vanity that ensues for the type of person attracted to that, makes me feel proud to be British.

    God Bless you Ma'am.
  2. Just watched Rolf's "Painting The Queen", and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was engaging, and rather humbling viewing. Going to check out the actual portrait tomorrow.
  3. Hear Hear Fishhead, if only she would apply her consitutional powers and rid us of this foul new labour syndicate, suspend Parliment and appoint Phil the greek Lord Protector!
  4. I too enjoyed it. HM The Queen was very relaxed about it all.

    So much for all the knockers who go on about her alleged toffyness. She comes across as a very normal person despite her position.
  5. i think it is down to the fact she is "Old Money" and possibly dont feel the need to be flash.

    an observation i have of "New Money" is their brashness, fast cars, bling, bad attitude toward others less "rich" and ironically aspire to immitate teh Gentry lifestyle of "Old Money" but not quite getting there.
  6. Indeed no touch of the chav around liz 2
  7. Thought HRH was ace - came across really really well. Rolf was pretty cool too, he's risen massively in my estimation.
  8. Indeed! Well said. I'm happy abd proud that it's HM's Government and not TCB's government. Power or not, the idea that there is someone above the sorry little tw@ts we have in the House makes me happy.
  9. I didn't spot any HRHs on the programme - just HM the Queen. Off to the Tower with you! :D

    HM was fantastic. I thought the painting was better than some of the other efforts shown. The opinion I'd like to hear is Phil the Greek's, however.
  10. I thought HM came across as very down to Earth and I'm no art lover (far from it) but found the programme quite captivating.
  11. Agreed, it was strangly compulsive viewing. I was impressed by the effort Rolf Harris was putting into the project and thought that HM was remarkably relaxed whilst sitting for it (although the programme did mention that she has her portrait done 5-6 times a year). Love to know her real opinion on some of the portraits of her though.
  12. Do you as individuals feel represented by the monarchy?
  13. I feel wonderfully represented by the Queen, how about you sawdusty?
  14. I'd give it a shot, 'ceptin' I'm an Ummurican.
  15. It's not too late to admit you were wrong in 1779 you know.

    Be a happy colonial once more!