the colour red

Why is it that in todays society we persecute the GINGER HAIRED people in this mans army and the world!!!!! is it because they truly do smell of pish an twiglets or even bus stops, or is it that they are a cursed people which should have been put down at birth?????? either way i dont know, maybe someone can enlighten me?????? one of the aflicted even has the ordasity to call it SEXY arrse!!!!!!
the pish smelling gingers are usually handy to have around in a bar brawl owing to the less than hair-line trigger they all have controlling their temper used to keep one around me at all times...bit like a rotty really
I've noticed a distinct upsurge in anti-GWArdom on this site over the past few weeks.

As a a screaming liberal, I have reported this site to the Commission for Hair Equality and think you should all be jolly well ashamed of yourself for picking on gingers for something they can't help.

This sort of talk feeds extremism. How soon will it be before a ginger hair dye bomb is found outside a London nightspot?

Imagine the damage it would cause to society to have hundreds of new gingers created in a a matter of seconds, never mind the individual suffering.

For shame.

Yours sincerely,

Concerned of Islington
Member of the League of the Friends of GWArdom.
no mention of stale-digestives or foxes p1ss ????
Im sorry lads, but I have to admit, I find certain shades of gwar quite attractive...obviously not the orange shade, thats just too much but some is nice. I work with a lass who is liberated in her gwarness, even takes the pish out of herself on occasion, however her hair is right down to her bum and is feckin lovely.

Yes...its true, I would shag a gwar. :oops:

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