The Colonel On Google Earth.

Right. I was on Google Earth, pissing about.

You may have heard in the past week that they think they have found Atlantis or something next to Africa.

Anywyas, I was in Nevada and I found the strangest thing ever.

A large picture of Colonel sanders on Tarmac in the middle of a desert town.

For those of you who have google earth, type in - Rachel Nevada.

Now go to the left a wee bit.

You now see the colonel. For those of you who dont have google earth, i dont know how to get a screenshot from it. :lol:


My question is this - Why is Colonel Sanders promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken in Nevada? How did he get there??,_Nevada

Google is your Friend

From Wiki:

In 2006 KFC created a giant company logo on the ground at the north edge of Rachel and claimed it to be the first logo visible from space. "[It] marked the official debut of a massive global re-image campaign that will contemporize 14,000-plus KFC restaurants in over 80 countries over the next few years."[1] Constructed in early November, it took six days on site to assemble its 65,000 colored tiles on 87,500 square feet (8,130 m2) of flat desert terrain. The logo also had a hidden message on the tie area of the logo that featured an impostor colonel holding a sign over his head, reading "Finger Lickin Good." Although the logo was removed in mid-2007, it is still visible on Google Earth.

The town was featured in an episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends which covered the UFO subculture. Rachel was mentioned in a two-part episode of The X-Files entitled Dreamland, in which a secret agent aware of the hidden backstory of the show, played by Michael McKean, resided in the town. It is also a key place in the first person shooter style game titled BlackSite: Area 51.

In 2001, the Area 51 Research Center, one of two local businesses catering to Area 51 tourists, closed its doors for good. In late 2006, the local gas station and convenience store closed, along with the trailer park. Since then, the Little A'Le'Inn is the only remaining local business providing services to tourists. There is the occasional rumor of the mine re-opening or a new business opening in the area, but none of these plans have materialized so far.
Google are not my friends.

They watch me. Day after Day. In their Helicopters and cars with the big tower of cameras on the roof.


I thought those fields were failed attempts at a pac man look alike.


War Hero
here you go, works on googlemaps too


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