For Inspection The Collated Pacific Group Build Thread

Ah yes, the bloody jet lag

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yup - thats the one. Its currently 2120hrs according to my body clock and I've got a full day to put in.



Quite a bit of thinking to do about wear and tear looking at the real one, and there is a danger I may finish this one
Just about to make a start on making the masks for the insignia for the Dauntless. A little tip for anyone new to building - you will pay a shed load for masking tape from the like of tamiya, where as this stuff (yes its the same stuff) is a couple of quid a roll and you get a zillion miles of the stuff


B&Q do it, wickes and builders merchants
What it says on the tin :) Please post your completed builds in here
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1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat Weekend Edition completed on Aug 12, 2018 as part of the group build









well spotted, I built this as a direct comparison to Si's Hi tech modern version, the original guns in the kit were laudable, an SBD on a budget so to speak, still, at least my model photography is up to scratch.
Make no mistake you did beautifully with the kit and its painting and presentation in a dive. WELL above my skill sets
@Helm - this is a dauntless mate if you can dig out the posts and populate that dauntless build thread I started (pretty please).... Its the only thing I've done in this thread

so a bit more progress tonight


This is best applied to a gloss black undercoat. Its stunning stuff - you name the effect and shade and you can get it, but its weird to apply as its got the consistency of water.


but the finish is top banana (as they say). Bit of rust on that and its done. Prop also ready for a top coat of black once I mask the bits I dont want spraying. Basically, this is just about ready for a coat of gloss varnish once its assembled. Its getting close....... Will I ever finish anything?

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