The Cold War Wasn't All Fun & Games

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Mr_Fingerz, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. 1962 was a lot more scary than 1983,the Cuban missile crisis had the whole world holding it's breath and it dominated the news.

    Cuban missile crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You really did have to live during that crisis in order to understand the fear that was generated.
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  3. Not disagreeing but the scare of the early 80's, the showing of the film, the leaflets on how to prepare for Nuclear war dropping through every post box was certainly real and felt real to those of us living through it.

    I was born in 1963, my parents remembered the 1962 crisis as the would we wake up in the morning fear. It was a a very scary time! To an extent it shaped the way forward that kept things under control until the early 80's when things seemed to be drifting back to mutual distrust, evil empires and, to an extent, the re-birth of CND.
  4. Yep, the fear of the Cold War, I remember it well. Shitting myself in the City Club in Paderborn wondering if the long walk home would be worth drinking the taxi fare and taking my chances with a local tart. I can tell you now, that the end result on most occasions set me up nicely for the Nijmegen marches.

    I loved the Cold War. Tax free fags, the Nissan Squaddie, the weekly inter Regimental Boxing events in the Alt Stadt, dancing/fighting the night away in the Power Pub in Dortmund out my face on Dortmunder Crazy K.

    All fun and games? Pah! They've no idea about real soldiering today.
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  5. In '62 it was 'do-able'. There was the chance of coming out the far end of a nuclear exchange with an intact (constitutionally) country, with a viable population and with the possibility of burying the dead and "never forgetting".

    By the Eighties, war (with the Soviets) was the end of our civilisation.
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  6. I had the daft idea of joining up in 83 as soon as i left school. Being later in the year it was after the 'warmness' of the previous months between the super powers. Some dits in depot from the 'old' sweats' & later with the Battalion about readiness levels & some slightly scary briefings.

    I'd imagine the more acute threat in 62 would have had a few shorts being filled.
  7. 86 and 89 we also a bit hairy according to some sources. Remind me what had the soviets to gain from running amock in europe?
  8. '86 was just before my time and still being talked about quite extensively.
    It was being put down to the expectation of much greater fallout (ahem!) from Op. El Dorado Canyon than actually occurred. I was always sceptical of this, having invented the tin-foil hat some years before it became popular I suspected, and still do, that something else happened in '86 - At around the same time - Which gave the world the willies.
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  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I am reminded of this chap, who firmly believed that Russia could win an all out nuclear exchange

    Marshal Viktor Kulikov - Telegraph

    Personally in 1983 I was fully expecting a Russian invasion and had grand dreams of leading the school CCF in defence of the library and tuck shop.
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  10. I reckon the septics had equivalents, a little earlier, which might actually have had a bearing on how Cuba played out.

    Being honest. In '62, with the right rub of the green, the Septics might very well have "won" a Third World War. That's my reading of it anyway.
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  11. I got selected to become an Officer that year!
  12. I was Cadet Under Officer in 83. I gave my men a briefing that stirred their hearts and to which they raised their Lee Enfields and gave a rousing "huraaaah" for Queen and country.

    If only our Bren was not de-activated! We would have taken on the Ruskies any day of the week...except Thursday, double Latin and there was no way we could miss that! Mr Dunning would never allow that.

    Cold War? Pah...we would have walked it ;)
  13. I had a plan fully informed by Victor and the Children's Film Foundation to arm RC Spitfires with darts and take down the hoards of Russian bombers that would be circling over the West Common in Lincoln.

    I was 6. 30 years later it remains the most realistic military plan I've come up with.
  14. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    When The Wind Blows, anyone?

  15. Not at home so I can't look up me books. Russian grain harvests in the mid 80's were quite poor and at one point in 86 the Russians put every sub it had out on deployment in quick time. Tin foil hats had the soviet leaders realising Gorby was going to throw in the towel and going for the shit or bust strategy.
    I was doing the double with one lass from Wythenshawe and one from Ancoats so they might have been jealous.
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