The Cocaine dancing boy gets chummy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. You heard it here first, one massive typo, in the press today. All of them so no linky offered.
    It has been said that George Osboune our erstwhile, numpty occupying No 11 Downing St, was one of the interesting guests of Ruppy Murdoch, him of the early alzimers at the leverson do. Surely they meant to say, supplied the Bolvian Dancing Dust? What muppet would find the threepenny bit sucker interesting is beyond normal interlectual capacity, and thus the use of interesting in this case, is most defo a typo.
  2. Step away from the keyboard...............
  3. I suspect you've been using the Columbian marching powder!
  4. Robbeaus once again showing that he's a turps nudging simpleton who continually blames his pathetic life and alcohol addiction on politicians.

    It's sad to watch but also amusing so crack on piss pants.
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  5. Send key setting, over.

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  6. Why does ARRSE have so many fuckwits that find the names of politicians, political parties and large political alliances of
    nations so hard to spell?

    People who use the words Liebour, Neu Arbeit, Call Me Dave, EUSSR and other 'clever' names should be executed in front of their families and their bodies left in the street to rot as a lesson to the others.
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  7. I got the first sentence about you being a cum-guzzling halfwit, but the garbled remnants of your post seems to be somewhat more challenging to decipher. There's a bit in there about a poor home life, and something to do with your prostitute mother, but I'm completely lost when you start blaming your irrelevance to society on a fumbled sexual-assault during your formative years.

    Sorry, I can't help you.
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  8. meanwhile, on planet earth..
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  9. isn't that a Durham Durham song ?
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  10. Thank fuck. I read the OP and thought I was having some sort of psychotic episode. Then I read the following posts.

    Still, I'm impressed that Robbeaus can type whilst wearing a straight jacket. The gibbering cunt.
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  11. But those bastardised names are just so out there man, like, so clever on the internet highway man.

    Or, just to clarify the point, they are cunts.

    Absolute cunts, who are probably TA officers or some cunts who write political blogs.

    The cunts.
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  12. If his gear was half the strength of what your currently shovelling in can you put me in for an ounce?
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  13. You rat's cunt of an alcoholic.

  14. A fucking eighth would hit the spot.....
  15. I fucking hate poor people, why can't they do the decent thing.