The clue is in the name.

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Monty417, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. An Indian Chief decides that it's time to give his three sons their tribal names. He calls the three to a meeting with the tribal elders and tells them that they are about to receive their tribal names and gets interrupted by the youngest son. "Father, father, what is my name to be?"
    "You will be told in good time, my son." And. "Eldest son, you will be known as Great Owl, because you are wise beyond your years." The elders agree. The youngest son asks. "What about me? what's my name to be?"
    "You will be told in good time, my son." And. "Son number two, you will be known as Great hawk, because you are swift and cunning." The youngest son buts in. "What shall I...." And gets a stern. "All in good time."The elders agree to the second son being Great Hawk.
    The Chief turns to son number three and stares at him for a minute, then says. "You will be known as Thrush." The youngest is aghast. "Thrush? Thrush? that's not much of a name. Why Thrush?"

    "Because you are an severely, irritating little cunt!" The elders agreed.