The clitoris

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PotYos, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Well, it appears its bigger than we thought so we can find it. Just not the right bit now I suppose. Anyway, some Australian Dr has decided the clit "rivals the the penis in size".

  2. Bloody hell! How many did she chop up to get to her conclusion???

    I feel ill...

    PS and what were you searching for to find that tidbit? :wink:
  3. So you're saying my missus has a 12 inch clit!!! :)
  4. Nope, my interpretation is that it's about the size of a giant walnut whip! (Just tastes different... :wink: )
  5. Oddly enough I was reading about the UK paying back its loan to the US but I saw it in the "most emailed" section.

    Honest Guv.
  6. Its all fcuking lies. It doesn't exist.
  7. Ahh Boney you're almost right. It's not a lie, the clit does exist. Its the female orgasm that is a myth put out by fat lezzers.
  8. Absolutely, in an attempt to make it acceptable for people to lick "down there". As the clit doesn't exist, and as we all know women gain no sexual pleasure from vaginal stimulation what so ever (what would be the point of that!!), theres absolutely no reason for men to dirty themselves by venturing their tongues south towards the fish socket and its mythical clit.

    Right, i'm off to Ipswich to clean the streets.
  9. Clitoris, clitoris..........what in the name of God is a clitoris :? :?

  10. I believe this is proof that women can make a mountain out of any molehill!
  11. Nope, just a big smelly cnut
  12. Read a book a while back "the last stand of Oscar Wilde", which turned out to be about spying and sexual depravity among the peerage in the run up to the First World War.

    One report of the trial was on the front page of the Daily Express, and was entitled "The Cult of the Clitoris". No-one objected, as it was either a mythical object or a medical term - depending on your view-point.

    I didn't really enjoy the book, but the ins and outs of the aristocracy were a real eye-opener. Incest is a game even the best families play apparently.
  13. If the Clit does indeed "rival the penis in size" If this was the case surely and much akin to the penis, the clit would be positioned in the centre of the forehead:)? Another design fault I fear!
  14. In order to become more'clitorally aware' fellow members might care to peruse this informative site.Web Page Name
  15. I blo*dy knew it! :lol:

    And you chaps have also confirmed that no man truly knows what a clitoris is, where it is or frankly gives a damn. Thank god for the Rabbit. :wink: