The Clarets are going up!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by box-of-frogs, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Just back from Wembley. It's beer o'clock now!!!!

    1 happy claret!

    :boogie: :party: :dance:
  2. Ahh, Sheffield United let ya win. Felt sorry for ya :)
  3. I was also at the match , come on you claretssss! Was good to see some (i think ) Rsigs there in uniform
  4. Certainly saw some fellas in uniform standing near the steps as the Clarets wandered up to collect their trophy...

    & from a Rovers fan "well done" - I'm looking forward to 6 points next season :wink:

    Only folk not happy with the upcoming East Lancs derbies are I understand Lancs Plod :D

  5. I enjoyed the match on the box and what a good goal. 40% of the teams in the Premiership are now from Lancashire - it must be something in the beer.
  6. Watched the game in a pub with a bunch of other Clarets fans in Canada.

    What a Goal, What a win. What a season.

    At least they will be on the telly a lot more now. 8)
  7. well they'll be on MOTD thats for sure, as they get pummelled every week and scream straight back down....... :twisted:
  8. They're 12/1 against finishing 17th or above (Hull were 16's at this time last year) Worth a punt.
  9. Might just take them up on that!
  10. Cheers for the 6 points next season.

    Yours truley Big Sam. :D
  11. At least you'll fill your ground once next year! :D I'm looking forward to a Boxing Day derby against the barstewards. :twisted:
  12. If youre not busy impregnating your immediate family on sunday i ask you to watch the Burnley v Blackburn match, may the better team win ;)
  13. Sunday will be fierce. BRFC forever.
  14. Got tickets? See you there, il be the one in blue and white ;)
  15. rather gutted mate, didnt renew my season ticket as i am deploying for 6 months, tours been cancelled for a bit so on a crappy course, vcant get upto ewood this weekend, not missed a derby in years either. hopefully the result is the same as last one, last minute goal infront of the dingles will do nicely