"The Civil War of 2016"

Discussion in 'US' started by Yank_Lurker, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. You have got to be plum shiting me.

    EDITORIAL: The Civil War of 2016 - Washington Times

    A ) If this is the shite being written about in US Military professional journals, I'm glad I'm now out of uniform.

    B ) This *is* a cartoonish representation of the aims, methods, and politics of the Tea Party.

    C ) If any moron terrorist group were to seize control of a town in any state, I'm sure that local, State, and Federal law enforcement would easily be able to handle the issue, along with the state National Guard, without needing to violate Posse Comitatus.
  2. Not watched the dark knight have you
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  3. I've watched a major news network insinuate that the Denver shooter was a member of the Tea Party within minutes of the shots being fired. I've watched mainstream news organizations, the NAACP, and members of the CBC all call the Tea Party racist and violent--yet I've never seen Tea Party violence. Now I read a US military professional journal buying into the lies and slander.

    Meanwhile, members of the Occupy movement were arrested in Cleveland in a bombing conspiracy, and when queried about it, the Southern Poverty Law Center said "We're not set up to monitor left wing extremists". Really? They seem very willing to blow shit up for their agenda (Hello, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorne)
  4. Contingencies & what-not though isn't it? I would have thought those desk bound types would 'wargame' just about any scenario. Academics can spout some odd stuff depending on who they are hoping to inform/aggravate.
  5. Seconded. They probably have theoretical response scenarios for an Alien Invasion and a Zombie Apocalypse. Both of which are only slightly less likely than a Second War of Northern Aggression.
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  6. And they just "happen" to pick the Tea Party as the instigators, a political organization with no violent history, rather than the raft of leftist radical groups which already have a history of taking over portions of cities and violent clashes with police when they are told to vacate.
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  7. Never mind, I'm sure the Michigan Militia and similar groups will be able to hold off the black helicopters and Obama's shock troops, provided their stocks of candy bars and energy drinks hold out.
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  8. Well, when one considers the current POTUS ran with and was advised by a bunch of extreme left wing domestic terrorists who do you think they consider the enemy? Who commissioned the Colonel to write the plan? Will the PDR of America eventually create all black units as their Praetorian Guard? Deputize inner city drug gangs as Special Constables? Form millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants into a new People's Militia? All in an attempt to counter an increasingly politically unreliable Army and Marine Corps, suppress the white revolt and hang onto power. Sounds preposterous doesn't it? As preposterous as the scenario regarding 'Tea Party' (read Whites) taking over a city.

    Damn the Democratic left really are paranoid, Obama's gang have done more to polarize American society than any group since the Civil War for no reason other than their desire to hang onto power and their contempt for American society.
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  9. Just wonder if the American goverment will yet again ask the British to provide the military specialists as they have done so often before. Vietnam taught them not to go it alone.
  10. Oh I don't know, all the 'Good Ol' Boys' in this neck of the woods are well able to live off the land, can you?
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  11. What military specialists would that be? I'm a former Brit Army infantry officer and I can't for the life of me think of anything the British Army can bring to the table other than moral support. And I'm NOT denigrating the British soldier.

    I'd like to point out that Blair enthusiastically, willingly, and without coercion, joined the Bush/Cheaney/Rumsfeld triumvirate in their adventures.
  12. echelon.... ;-)
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  13. fu2

    fu2 LE

    There used to be a series of books about the civil war being fought in the 20th century. Never got to read them. Anyone know what they were called?
  14. What the **** is"Plum Shitting"?
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